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#Taurus keys to success

All Taureans are not alike! The decanate (10-day period) you were born in reveals the talents most likely to bring you success. 

Look below for your birthdate, or if born on a dividing date, the traits before or after that fit you best 

Midas Touch and the determination to achieve the finer things of life. Venus is doubly strong in your chart, denoting a keen artistic sense that is valued in any creative field. Warm and charming, you must resist the temptation to be indul-gent at times. 

May 1- 10: Flexible Virgo qualities complement the fixity of your Tau-rus nature. You are persevering and staunch, yet able to see others' points of view easily. You have a keen ability to analyze needs and provide valuable services to others, and your excellent verbal skills can help you gain riches. Guard against being critical of your self and others. 

May 11- 20:Your Taurus money sense is especially keen. Strengthened by the business and executive qualities of Capricorn, your Bull determination and strong sense of duty can take you far up the ladder of success. Protective of your loved ones, you must guard against feeling overly responsible for them.

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