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#TAURUS: Love talk that will win hearts

You Bulls are slow to express the depths of your sentiment and loyal feelings. But you can improve your love life if you pay some genuine compliments now and then. 

Whether on a first date or a lifetime journey, here's what the Signs most compatible with your own would like to hear.

CANCER: Praise their appreciation of fine food, their whim-sical wit and warm nature. Tell them you feel right at home with them - that you must be meant for each other. 

VIRGO: Admire the way ...---->>

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they think and their practical nature that's so attuned to yours. Say "You're clever and yet so sensible - just the person I've been looking for all my life." 

CAPRICORN: Appreciate the Goat's ambitions and con-ventional good taste, but hint that you're also turned on by the warm and sexy person you sense beneath their calm, unruffled surface. 

PISCES: Heap praise on the Fish's gentle charm, imagination and mysterious, intriguing ways. Say something endearing and sentimental such as, "I could spend a lifetime happily trying to figure you out" 


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