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#TAURUS: Love - where to find it

Knowing where to look to find love can be a challenge for any Sign of the Zodiac. For you laid-back Bulls its even more difficult if you begin without a deliberate plan, but if you take your cue from astrology, you can be at the right place at just the right time to meet your match. 

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Wednesday around the dinner hour when you'll feel relaxed and sociable. 

You're at your charming best when surrounded by good food, soft lights and music so select a spot that appeals to your aesthetic nature. A restaurant, café or work-related gathering would be ideal. Or head for locales where mental and intellectual interests are shared — lectures classes even libraries and bookstores. 

During the day, you can find likely romantic prospects in a doctor's office or health food store. And any kind of meeting with people who share your vocation would be a happy hunting ground. For long-range love luck, seek employment in a setting where members of the opposite sex abound. Wherever you go, be on the lookout for compatible Virgo, Capri-corn, Cancer and Pisces types. 


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