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#Taurus' ten keys to career success

Here are ten practical ways to use your determined and reliable Taurus traits to as-sure career success. 

1. Patient and enduring, you'll thrive in a job that allows you to be thorough rather than fast 

2. Don't let your innate Taurus stability keep you in a .... --->>

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rut instead of making changes that will advance you. 

3. Your Midas touch with money suggests you'll be good as gold in bankingor other financial fields. 

4. Trade on your Taurus artistic tastes by dealing in fields that use your creative eye and talents. 

5. Because you thrive when feeling secure, choose ajob that provides insurance and other benefits. 

6. You need a solid base to work from, so buying a home as soon as possible is a spring-board to success. 

7. You're a Bull of few words, but on inter-views and resumes, be more wordy about your good points. 8. Your pleasant Taurus voice is a tremen-dous asset in sales, customer service, public speaking, even singing, 

9. Your greatest strength is dedication to your goals; keep setting specific objectives and aim high. 

10. To reach your goal, regularly say these power words aloud as you visualize your desire: I can, I will, I believe!


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