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The #Pisces zodiac diet

You Fishes are more likely to stick to a diet that is compatible with your temperament, tastes and lifestyle. Here are Pisces tips to lose weight, improve health or increase your energy level: 

■ Your love of beauty can aid you in eating less and more healthfully if you savor each bite and your meal looks attrac-tive. Set the table with candlelight and ... ---->>















flowers. Mind-altering foods may become especially addictive to Pisces; for vibrant good health, curb your intake of coffee, chocolate, sugar, colas and alcohol. 

■ Your menu should include plenty of protein for muscles, especially vital for your Sign's excellent posture. 

■ Fishes need iron-rich foods, deficiencies can lead to anemia and fatigue. Eat plenty of lettuce, spinach, beef liver, al-monds and strawberries. 

■ Your sign rules the feet, so you benefit from plenty of foot rubs, soaks in min-eral salts and wal Id ng barefoot 

■ Natural protectors for Pisces' good health are seafood, grapes, walnuts and lime beans. 


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