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The #Taurus love test

As a Taurus, you possess a sure, steady and deliberate mind, with a special flair for maldng money and creating beauty. But when it comes to love and your emotional reactions, how do you rate? If you have learned to use your Taurus traits to good advantage, you'll score high on this test. 

If not, better study the answers you missed for some valuable tips. 

1. Are you slow to make a ..... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



romantic move? 

2. Are you sensuous person? 

3. Do you resist changing romantic routines? 

4. Does loyalty come naturally to you? 

5. Do sweethearts call you stubborn? 

6. Do you make a lover feel secure? 

HOW TO SCORE: Start with a base of 100. Add 10 points for each yes to even-num-bered questions. Deduct 10 points for each yes to odd-numbered questions. 70 - 100 Below average. Be more adapt-able. 100 - 120 Very Good. Skilled in relation-ships. 120- 130 Excellent. You're irresistible! 


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