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Use #Taurus' mind-power for success!

There are three general Taurus mental types based on the three possible zodiac (star) constellations in which Mercury could have been positioned when you were born. See which description below fits you best. Chances are this will match up with Mercury's position at your time of birth. This knowledge will give you the advantage of knowing how to use your intellectual strengths for success. 

I. Mercury positioned in the constellation Taurus at birth. Indicates.... ---->>

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a steady, practical Taurus' mind. Stable and determined, you reach conclusions slowly, then stick firmly to your point of view. Mentally, you're shrewd and sensible. Best advice for success: Avoid becoming too set in your opinions as too materialistic. 

2. Mercury positioned in the constellation Aries at birth. Indicates the quick, direct Taurus mind. You seem calm and com-posed, but mentally seek out challenges or contests. You're quick with a comeback, ready to use your words like swords if your territory is challenged. Best advice for suc-cess: Be more tolerant and trusting of others. 

3. Mercury positioned in the constellation Gemini at birth. Indicates the bright, ver-satile Taurus mind. Your distinctive Taurus voice is rich with wit and eloquence. You're never at a loss for words. You want to know everything, whether trivial or profound. Best advice for success: Educate your good mind and rise above superficialities in all matters.


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