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What kind of #Taurus lover are you?

Your Taurus Sun Sign describes your char-acter traits. Your Venus Sign (Constellation in which the planet appears at your birth), shows how you approach romance. See which of these Venus/love traits sounds like you: 

Venus in Aries: Open, direct and charming you pursue love with fiery dash and passionate determination. Your affectionate gestures show your serious intentions: you'll serenade all night in the cold if you have to. 

Venus in Taurus: Slow to commit but .... ---->>

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once you do you're 100% devoted. You'd rather attract love than pursue it, and do so with sincerity, depth and earthy wisdom. You'll forgive any thing and wait forever for the one you've chosen. 

Venus in Gemini: Your steady style and ready wit draw many to your side. Your enjoy light-hearted romantic flirting and are fascinated by stimulating mental types. Deep down you're home-loving and reliable. Venus in Cancer: Delightfully domestic, you have warm, encouraging ways and can make a simple meal romantic. Loyal, dependable and demonstrative, you make an amor feel loved and doted on with your tenderness.


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