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What makes #Taurus a great date?

You're a charming, warm-hearted companion at social events, Taurus, especially when you play up your good points and tone down negative traits. 

You Bulls enjoy fine food, luxury living and material goods, but may tum a potential lover off if you pursue the ... ---->>>

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material delights too avidly. Even if you've been very successful in acquiring fine possessions, don't rely on these to im-press your dates and win hearts. Instead, display your fondness for beauty and music and your distinctive voice. Sing or hum a love song in your mellow voice or engage in warm, intimate conversation. Your ability to smile, relax and enjoy the moment will win hearts. Since you're at your best in slow-moving, pastoral environments, take your date to a quaint, countryside restaurant or on a stroll through a scenic wonderland. Be open, however, to untried activities that your partner may enjoy. Your calm, stable nature is reassuring, but too stubborn a manner can be a drawback in your one-on-one relationships. 


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