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Your perfect valentine, #Taurus...

is the person: Meticulously dressed and carrying a book or briefcase. This individual has sparkling, intelligent eyes and maybe in the corner observing the action. 

Can be found at: Book or health food stores, academic classes, gyms, libraries or work-ing late at the office. 

Likes to hear: .... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



"You're much too modest; to me, you seem very close to perfect" 

Enjoys dining at: Quiet, tasteful cafes with efficient service and fine tableware. This Valentine adores salads and vegetables, freshly-baked bread and mineral water. 

Will be won by : Sincerity, humility, thoughtful gifts and gestures, intelligent conversation and healthy lifestyle. 

Melts when you: Offer a helping hand in difficult times, are direct about your feel-ings and give massages. 

Will admire: Your good money sense, loyalty, dependability, organized routine, warm, sensuous nature and love of art and beauty. 

Great valentine gift: A fruit basket, gourmet teas, herb garden, potted plant. Hand-knit  sweater or best-seller. (To break the ice, share this with


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