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Your powerful #Taurus love nature

As well-balanced and sensible as you are, Taurus, you're also a powerhouse of vibrant energy that radiates with warm, earthy charm. You're as strong as the Bull that symbolizes your sign. But underneath you rock-solid exterior beats a soft, passionate heart. 
You appreciate life's sensual pleasure—fine food and wines, sumptuous surround-
ings and music, all of which put you in the mood for romance. 

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a partner over a candlelit gourmet meal, or perhaps on a goodland walk amid the natural beauty that stirs your soul. Though your rich, melodic voice is one of your biggest romantic assets, you often pre-fer to demonstrate the depth of your feelings through generous daily doses of hugs and kisses. The love you give is as elemental and wholesome as whole wheat bread, and just as sustaining. The enduring patience you bring to a relationship enables you and your amor to ride triumphantly over any rough spots. Romance with a Taurus is like a beau-tifully wrapped gift. And what's waiting inside is a heart filled with rare warmth and do-or-die-loyalty. 


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