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Hooking Up with a #Scorpio

Dating a Scorpio is an experience you won't ever forget, regardless of how the relationship turns out. It's likely to be emotionally intense and passionate, sometimes secretive and rarely predictable. You may feel as if you're living in a John le Carre novel, propelled and buffeted by forces you don't fully understand. The source of Scorpio's raw power in romance acts as a kind of magnetism, and no sign is immune. 

One of the first things you realize is ... ---->>>

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that the relationship unfolds on Scorpio's terms, not yours. These individuals are strong-willed, resolute and accustomed to getting their own way. Gray areas don't exist for them. They live in black-and-white worlds, where everything is either/or, yes or no. In a relationship, it means that if you're ambiguous about what you feel, Scorpio wi II walk fast in the oppo-site direction. This sign doesn't have time for indecision. 

Whether you're a guy dating a Scorpio woman or vice versa, it's smart to have your natal charts drawn up by a professional astrologer. By comparing the charts, an astrologer can pin-point important connections, possible points of contention, why you're attracted to each other and how things between you may evolve. 

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung studied hundreds of charts of married couples back in the days before computers and astrological software, when charts were drawn up by hand, through complicated mathematical formulas. He concluded that the best relationships were those where the man and woman had the sun and moon, the sun and ascendant, or the sun and Venus or Mars conjunct—i.e., in the same signs. 

If you have the pleasure of dating a Scorpio woman,

 you'll quickly notice that she smol-ders with a sexuality that turns heads on the street The power of her presence seizes at-tention wherever she goes, wherever she is. If that stokes the beast of your jealousy, if you get possessive, then the relationship may be over before it even takes off. She can be jealous and possessive, however, and yes, that's something of a double standard. But don't even try to fig-ure it out Her motives, the passions that move her, are often inscrutable to others. She prefers it that way. Even if you asked her to explain herself—and she was willing to do so—she probably couldn't. So much of her exists in a place beyond language, in some deep intuitive current that guides and directs her life. 
To capture her heart, be honest and up front from the beginning. And remember that if she 
ever catches you in a lie, she'll cut you off cold. 

If you are dating a Scorpio man, 

you had better get ready for a roller-coaster ride. It will be the largest and most exciting roller coaster you've ever been on, with some of the steepest climbs and plunges you've ever known. But on the plateaus, on those gentle curves in the tracks, you will think you've died and gone to heaven. 
The Scorpio man radiates presence as surely as his female counterpart. It can come across as a powerful sexuality that makes you melt inside with just a single glance. Or it can be some-thing less definable, some compelling quality you can't quite articulate but that you feel in your blood and your bones. 
In a dating relationship, he can sometimes come across as a control freak. But what's really 


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