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How #Pisces stays on a winning track

Creative, inspired and receptive, yours is the Sign of imagination, Pisces. While some members of the zodiac are getting bogged down in the details, you're busily envisioning an outcome and sacrificing yourself to the cause until it becomes a reality. 

To stay productive and maintain stamina, .... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


however, it is crucial for you to spread tasks around, delegating to others rather than isolating yoursel f and getti ng buried in work More than most, you possess the ability to stay committed and see a project through to the end, so long as you're surrounded by asso-ciates who praise your efforts and lighten your load when you're inundated. 

Your productivity soars in a colorfully decorated and roomy workspace where you can roam around as the mood strikes you. When pres-sure builds, imagining yourself as the hero or heroine of an award-winning movie or rescue mission will not only make tedious tasks fun, but stimulate your great ideas for handling them. 

To keep your energy level up, follow a diet that is high in protein. Dining out in style or, if you can't leave the office, serving up lunch on a china plate will lift your spirits. You're more apt to stick with an energy-boosting exercise regimen that has a theatrical flavor, such as fencing, dancing or jazzersizing. Also, taking time for occasional manicures, facials or massages will uplift you and keep you on a winning track.


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