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How to put fear behind you, Pisces

Artistic, talented and truly humanitarian, you Fishes seem destined for real accomplishments in life. But when you fail to live up to your potential, you're apt to blame the cold, cruel world. The real reasons though, are often more subtle and psychological. 

Secretly, success may scare you because of .... ---->>

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what it can entail. Highly sensitive, you might fear the criticism or lack of privacy you would be open to i f success put you in the public eye. You even may pass up a job or promotion if you felt it won't afford you enough time alone to regroup your forces. You're also plagued by doubts about your abilities and how to market them. 

While you hesitate to push yourself forward, you're also afraid that you will be over-looked—or be noticed and found lacking. Deep down, you may even think you aren't worldly enough to handle success and all it offers. 

The first step to putting fear behind you is to realize that fear is not an inherited trait. The capacity to achieve outstanding success lies within you. You have the natu-ral ability to reach any goal you personally want to attain. It is a scientific fact, "each of us is the end result of what we think" Courage, enthusiasm and confidence come from within. Think you can...believe you can...and you will! 


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