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How to recapture your #Pisces youth

You were born with characteristics that put a unique stamp on your personality. Calling up these traits that you later may have been suppressed can help you rekindle the zest of youth and give you an edge in establishing rewarding relationship with Pisces youngsters. 

The fantasy world of Pisces children would rival .... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


the Land of Oz—or even Disneyland. These tots have imaginary pals, stuffed animals and toys that seem very real to them, and enchanted tales that go on endlessly. But this special world is kept secret from outsiders who might tear it all down with just one common-sense word. 

Pisces tykes know this could happen be-cause they're keenly tuned in to the moods of everyone around them. And while they don't like to take on these angry or sad feel-ings, they simply can't help it. Because they're so sensitive, however, these little Fishes are the soul of kindness and compassion. They really do know how you feel. Once they're sure you are their friend, they'll share all kinds of magical mysteries with you. In turn, you can thrill these youngsters with a trip to the theater or circus where fantasy is the order of the day. A Pisces child needs a chum who understands and cares.


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