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#PISCES: Health secrets for your sign

The earliest physicians were also astrologers who monitored the stars and planned their treatments by the phases of the Moon. The secrets of these ancients, developed over the centuries, can help you maintain good health today. 

As a Pisces, you may not possess great energy, but.... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



you can thrive if you learn to control emotional discord and follow some basic rules. Use your keen sensitivities to tune in to peace and serenity; steer clear of people whose negative vibrations sap your stamina. If ill, don't discuss your symptoms too much, concentrate instead on getting well. Since Pisces rules the feet, take extra good care of yours: avoid varicose veins, bunions and corns by wearing well-fitted shoes and not standing for long periods. 

Give prompt attention to cuts and abrasions to prevent infection. If you're anemic, lacking in energy or gener-ally run down, eat high-protein foods for added iron. A calcium-rich diet should also benefit you Fishes. And eat plenty of foods that are natural remedies for you, includ-ing lettuc e, cucumbers, strawberries and almonds. 


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