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#PISCES: How to cope with changes in your life

You sensitive Pisces tend to find sudden life changes stressful and emotionally charged. Most likely to be challenging now are alter-ations in your friendships, group affiliations and long-desired hopes as well as transfor-mations in your deeply-held beliefs. 

Here are some practical tips to alleviate stress and make such changes with the greatest benefit and success. ----->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


1. Take the time to expand your support network of people you can count on when problems arise.

 2. Make compatible friends by becoming active in an organization that shares your principle beliefs. 

3. Let go of any alliances that hold you back from growing, improving, or becoming the "new you." 

4. Check out your expectations, if you don't like the future that you see, make your dreams work for you by seeing yourself as you want tobe. 

5. Instead of wasting time on irrelevant books or watching TV, build confidence by becoming an expert in a field of knowledge through daily reading and study. 

6. Don't allow values and beliefs, useful in the past to become obstacles in your changing world


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