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#PISCES: How to use your natural talents to grow rich

You creative Pisces are capable of malting your grandest dreams come true. For real success, use the positive aspects of your nat-ural abilities (downplay the negative ones): 

■ Use your fine imagination to become involved in the arts or to invent a new product Or reap success by firing the imagination of the buying public. 

Apply your .... ---->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



idealistic aims to work as a consumer watchdog, charity fund-raiser or counselor. 

■ While your gift for creating illusions can be great in photography, drama or advertising, don't let it delude you into bubble schemes that burst 

■ Always investigate before you invest Or call on a fiscal expert who's less of a dreamer than you. 

■ Also, your gift of insight and talent for visualization can be profitable if you put action into your inspired ideas and don't let idle dreams waste your time. 

■ Starting now, begin to budget, shop for values and keep your generous nature more in check. And use your charm and warmth to make positive contacts, don’t allow your sympathy to draw mostly negative types who drain all you have to give.


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