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#Pisces' irresistible romantic powers

You're as romantic as a lacy valentine, Pisces, and just as sentimental. You cry at happy endings and relish a bit of pathos in your life. You prefer fiction to fact and dreams to reality. Sometimes you'd rather fall in love with love—a memory, a photo-graph or a film star—than a flesh-and-blood person. The mirror that reveals your view of life is ... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


tinted rosy-pink However, love does not always arrive chocolate-coated M a red and white ruffled box. Your amor lives in the real world even though you would prefer to live on Fantasy Island. Highly sensitive, you are sometimes reluctant to make your real feelings known. To tap your romantic powers, share your thoughts and be less reclusive and dreamy. 

Then, choose a gentle lover who appreciates your rich imagination and understands your need for tenderness. You're intuitive, softhearted and irresistibly beguiling, but be careful to not become entangled with someone unworthy. Pisces may rule the feet, but you don't have to end up with a heel. Insist on time to be alone; you need it because you absorb the thoughts and feel-ings of others like a sponge. But when you are with your amor, try to be in the momoment, displaying your wonderful talent for romance. Once you learn to admit a living, breathing lover to your private world, your amor will become the stuff dreams are made of.


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