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#Pisces’ ten keys to career

Here are ten practical ways to use your imaginative and sensitive Pisces traits to assure career success:

1. Your Pisces imagination helps you succeed in a position that requires an artistic, creative outlook. 

2. In advertising or merchandising, your .... ---->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



 ability to sense others' needs attunes you to public pulse. 3. Your compassion often suits you for work in service-oriented fields where you can help others one-on-one. 4. Your sensitivity suggests you steer clear 34 of hard-sell. You shine using subtlety or be-hind-the-scenes influence. 5. A great visualizer, creating a mental picture Pisces' ten keys to career of what you want will help make your dreams come true. success 

6. Often shy, Pisces may be more comfort-able and effective dealing with people via let-Here are ten practical ways to use your ters, phones or fax. 7 imaginative and sensitive Pisces traits w as- . Your good sense of humor will make you 

sure career success: popular as well as enhance communication in business transactions. 1. Your Pisces imagination helps you suc- 8. Because you need sometime alone, score ceed in a position that requires an artistic, points by performingsolitary tasks others creative outlook. may not enjoy. 2. In advertising or merchandising, your 9. Your intuition is fantastic, learn to trust it 


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