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Signs of lasting love for #Pisces

You may be intensely attracted but incom-patible in the long run with some Signs. Your chances for an enduring relationship are outlined below. 

ARIES: You need someone more sympa-thetic. The fiery Ram won't take tune to probe hidden depths. TAURUS: This Rock of Gibraltar protects you from life's storms with a love that seems al-most fated.

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



GEMINI: Too cool and detached to really fathom your feelings. Don't permit a Twin to hurt you. CANCER: Someone to watch over you. The ebbs and flows of your mutual moods will blend remarkably.

 LEO: Cats are known to devour Fish. Glide too close and you could become a late night snack 

VIRGO: While Fish got to swim, Virgo will want you to surface and face reality. Seek your own depth. LIBRA: As romantic as you are, but a stickler for logic. You'd rather not debate every issue. 

SCORPIO: This mystical match will appeal to your love of intrigue and magic. A potential soulmate. SAGITTARIUS: The Archer's barbed words could devastate you—like shooting Fish in a barrel! CAPRICORN: Will guide you upstream to the finer things in life. You can bank on this relationship. AQUARIUS: With this lively one’s electricity and you deep waters, expect dangerous shocks. PISCES: As long as you’re caught up on the same net of dreams and illusions, you won’t drift apart.


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