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What kind of #Pisces lover are you?

Your Pisces Sun Sign describes your character traits. Your Venus Sign (constellation in which these planets appears at your birth), shows how you approach romance. See which of these Venus/love traits sounds like you: 

Venus in Capricorn: ... ---->>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


Your gentle, sensitive demeanor hides a shrewd approach to ro-mance. After your careful selection is made, you still need time to open up. Once you feel truly safe, you're warm and deeply devoted. Venus in Aquarius: Somewhat ethereal, you're often unpredictable and can seem aloof. But you're compassionate, value friendship above all and have the ability to discuss feelings candidly. Venus in Pisces: Mysterious and idealistic, you seek a soulmate who'll share your love of beauty, music, sunsets and holding hands. You have an uncanny ability to sense your amor's unspoken thoughts. Venus in Aries: More fiery and assertive in romance, you charm with a passionate, intriguing, dramatic nature. Somewhat headstrong, when you fall in love you fall deeply and fast—and give your amor de-voted attention. Venus in Taurus: Sensual and artistic, you  look for long-lasting, emotionally nurturing amor. You love fine food and wine, and hot chocolate by a log fire.


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