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The Map of your Destiny, Your Future as Written by the star

What is Firdaria?

Being a method of prediction of the Medieval Astrology, Firdaria draw an outline of a person's life. They associate different periods of life with different planets and thus define which theme will prevail during each of the periods.

The word Firdaria is plural for Firdar, and the latter, although comes to us from Persian Astrology, has the same Greek origin as the English word period. So basically, firdaria means periods of life..

The root of the word month is moon, and therefore a month refers to the twenty-eight-day cycle of the Moon's orbit around Earth. But modem calendars are based not on the Moon,  Learn More...

If you're like many people, you welcome each new calendar year with resolutions, planners, and a big-picture time line for what you'd like to accomplish in the year ahead. If you'd like a little help from astrology, here are the most relevant cycles to keep in mind. 

The year itself is based on the Sun's complete journey through the zodiac...  Learn More..

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Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod Jupiter

From Nov 20 2018 to Mar 3 2020

Age 33.6yrs to 34.9yrs

If life has felt a little onerous in the last few years then you are likely to welcome this period, which combines the positive planet Jupiter with the changeable Moon. It is time for you to spread your wings and fly a little. 


 If you were born during the night, then you are likely to experience the influence of the Moon twice in your life. Firstly as a young child, and then again in your mid 70s. As a child you are likely to enjoy a period of happiness in your home and family. A younger sibling may be born, bringing joy to your family. Alternatively you may bask in the attention of your parents or grandparents. As an adult you are also likely to enjoy peace and harmony in your personal life. It is a good time to enjoy pleasurable hobbies and pastimes and the company of loved ones. 


If you were born during the day, then you are in your 30s during this phase. If you are a late developer then you could literally leave your family home, like a young bird flying from the nest. On the other hand you may decide to expand your own family, bringing a child into the world. You may decide to move to distant shores, either permanently migrating to another country or perhaps enjoying a shorter-term trip. You may also find joy in studying a subject that is close to your heart, either academic or spiritual, anything that broadens your mind and brings you comfort. 


Either way this period indicates a happy, joyful conclusion to the past few years that have been more difficult. So, without being too grandiose, make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod Mars

From Mar 3 2020 to Jun 16 2021

Age 34.9yrs to 36.1yrs

This is a dynamic time. On the positive side you are undergoing changes in your personal life that are exciting and opening up new possibilities. 

If you are living through this period in your mid 30s then you are likely to be restless, eager to move forward with your life goals. Perhaps you have moved into a new home, or neighbourhood and are enjoying exploring your new environment. You may also be renovating or redecorating your home, discovering the joy and stress of the changes. On the other hand events, or another person, may be unsettling right now. You are unsure, tentatively wondering if you are on the right track. It is time to reassess your emotional needs, your life direction and assert your needs. Aggression and other inappropriate emotional reactions get you nowhere right now. Rash decisions are likely to lead to trouble. You would do better to count to ten before responding to anything that stirs your emotions. However, you also are well advised to face the problems at hand, deal with them one by one and instigate the changes that put your life back on track. Once you have done this then you can spend the next five or so years working productively, rather than feeling angry because someone or something seems to be hindering your success. This can be a highly fruitful period if you are honest and focus on your long-term goals, rather than your short-term discomfort. 


If you are going through this period in your late 70s then you need to be wary of becoming a grumpy old man or woman. This is your opportunity to assert your needs, without being aggressive. You can take up an active hobby that gives you an outlet for any frustrations that you may be feeling as a result of growing old. On the other hand if your health is not optimal then you need to alleviate your discomfort, change what you can and let go of the need to control what you can't change. It is time to adjust your expectations while also asserting your needs. If you were born during the night, then you are also likely to experience the influence of the Moon as a young child and the changes in your home life are likely to be influenced by your parents, or a male relative. 


The adjustments made during this period are likely to affect the next five or so years of your life, so make sure that you are on the right track. As a result you can really bear fruit in the next few years.

Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod The Sun

From Jun 16 2021 to Sep 28 2022

Age 36.1yrs to 37.4yrs

It is time to seek a better balance in your life. You have been through a few emotional challenges in the past few years. Now you are ready to shine. Hopefully you have overcome the obstacles, come to terms with past mistakes and are ready to move forward. Some schools of thought would say that this is a time when yin and yang are balanced in all areas of your life. As a result you feel as though you can accomplish many of your life goals. You can express yourself freely and honestly, finding a balance between being assertive and accommodating. 


Ancient astrologers say that this period heralds a time of spiritual renewal, when you feel that you want to contribute to the world because of your own beliefs. They also say that you will have "dominion over men". 


If you were born during the day then you are likely to fare better during this phase than if you were born during the night. This is a time of harmony, when you can enjoy your mid 30s and find peace and harmony. Your work and home life are harmonious. You may change jobs, or move house in order to seek greater satisfaction. You enjoy the changes. 


 If your chart is considered "nocturnal", then you are likely to experience the influence of the Moon twice in your life, firstly as a young child, and then again in your early 80s. 


If you are going through this period in your early 80s then you may some difficulty finding the right balance in your life. You need to take care of your health, and ensure that you are receiving the correct care from loved ones and professionals. 


As a child, it is important your parents take extra care of your health by making sure that you overcome any bad habits and by taking proper rest. On a more positive note you are likely to benefit from changes in your life. These changes could include the birth of a younger sibling or perhaps starting school. Either way you are likely to enjoy the transition, make your parents proud and receive recognition and support for your efforts.


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