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SATURN In 1st House Of your Yearly Solar Return chart


Saturn in the 1st house is a self-imposed limitation, and it is likely you will restrict yourself or your behavior for one reason or another during the coming year. 
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It may be that you are trying to complete a long-term task or you may take on a major responsibility. You will tend to do all of the things you have to do and none of the things you want to do. 

This is a good time to push yourself to finish a master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation or book, or to start your own business. Any piece of work requiring long hours, discipline, organization, and perseverance can be completed while Saturn is in the 1st house of the solar return chart. Scroll down to read more...

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 The project is likely to take most of the year to finish, and the earliest completion date is three months before your next birthday.

You want to assess the reality of your innate and developing abilities. 

To do this, you can concentrate on a major project. Those who are not seriously involved with the completion of a specific body of work can instead assume extra responsibility which may or may not involve other people and can go beyond what is normally expected. For example, suppose you have a newborn baby (which is demanding enough by itself), and you also decide to be a nursing mother during the year. Anyone who has ever nursed a baby or been involved with a nursing mother knows how this can tie you down and seriously limit the amount of free time available. However, you are the person who is deciding to nurse the baby, and therefore you are the one who imposes this limitation on yourself. This is also the case if you are involved in a major project. You are the one who limits your outside activities and social life in order to accomplish the task at hand.

The negative manifestation associated with Saturn in the 1st house is the ability to impose limitations because of an overriding fear. 

You might shy away from particular opportunities possessing great growth potential simply because you are afraid to repeat a situation reminiscent of the past. Events occurring during the year may mirror former events, allowing unresolved issues to surface once more. In the negative manifestation, self-imposed limitations have nothing to do with the successful completion of a task or progress toward the future, but they have everything to do with stagnation and avoidance behavior. You can restrict your activities simply because you are afraid to face your fears, grow beyond your limitations, and take risks.

If you meet and conquer your fears during the year, the rewards can be great. 

Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2022..



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