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URANUS in the 7TH HOUSE of Marriage in Transit Horoscope

If you're in a partnership of true equals, independence is already a vital part of the equation. 

That will come in handy as transiting Uranus enters your seventh house for a good, long stay. Uranus demands freedom above all else, and during this transit

the vitality and happiness of your relationship depends on each of you having plenty of it. Obviously the relationship must come first, for both of you, but unless you honor and nurture your independence, making time for your individual friendships and interests, your partnership may come to feel like a Saturnian obstacle course rather than a nurturing vessel. And that's when transiting 

Uranus begins to look like a wrecking ball, leveling your marriage and your dearest friendships. Interestingly, if you aren't in a long-term relationship and would like to be—especially if you're a bit older and have been holding out a long time for the right person—this can be the transit that finally brings one your way. 

Transiting Uranus in 7th House is associated with breaking old patterns, so if your relationship patterns have not served you well up to now, this is your chance to break free from them.

 URANUS IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Solar Return chart

Freedom is an issue for both of you and togetherness may be on-again, off-again. Marriage is probably not an option during this Solar Return year, though you may live together. 

Existing relationships may go through a period of transition because one of you wishes to make a major change or needs more freedom of movement. 👉  Read more...


  • Traditional name: House of Marriage 
  • Terrain: partners, marriage, relationships between equals, open enemies, judgment, negotiation, arbitration, mediation 
  • Shares common ground with: the sign of Libra; the planet Venus 

Traditionally, the seventh house was called the House of Marriage. 
To our modem minds, this conjures visions of romantic couples. Certainly, we find committed marriage partners in this house. But we also find other relation-ships of great importance. 

This is a house of equals, so our closest peer friendships and business partnerships are found here, as well as our sworn and open enemies. 

If you are being sued, the plaintiff will be represented by this house. The seventh house describes your close relationships, yes. But since it's in your birth chart, it also tells us about you. So the seventh house symbolizes the way others perceive you in relationships, the way you approach relating, and whom you can hope to become through close relationships. Transits in the seventh house provide catalysts to begin or end relationships, renegotiate their terms, and learn significant lessons that you can only understand through your closest relationships. 


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From year to year, the Sun passes through the solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example,

the Sun in the 1st house in this year's solar return will probably move up to the 10th house next year, assuming certain conditions: the individual must remain in the same location and this location should not be too far north or too far south in terms of latitude.



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