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1st topic “self-perception”: You and people of the same zodiac sign

 It is a matter of one of the following connections: 

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First, we will talk about the mutual interaction with and possible manipulation through a person of the same zodiac sign. 

Oftentimes, we can recognize ourselves in people of the same zodiac signs. We can relate to their actions and values and have mutual goals and preferences. Initially, this sounds as if we could neither learn a lot from a person of the same zodiac sign nor be manipulated by them, but that is not correct. Meeting a person of the same zodiac sign can help us better recognize and use our strengths. Through them, we learn how we can assert ourselves in the world and how to trust in ourselves. 

A person of the same zodiac sign is our mirror and therefore puts us in a position to get to know ourselves. A carrier of the same zodiac sign stimulates you to think about your own personality due to his own behavior. That way, you discover your mental habits and character traits that help you advance in life and at the same time you also get to know the characteristics and traits of the psyche that keep you from fully scooping out your potential. Those are the positive influences that we experience from people of the same zodiac sign. So if you are in a phase of self-doubt and fear of the future, the positive and conscious encounter with a person of the same sign can help you solve these problems and strengthen yourself. At best, such a collaboration, friendship or partnership is about a fair, equal contact without a clear superiority on one of the two sides. 

Such connections can potentially be destructive because when our will is considerably stimulated, the more often we are in contact with people of our first sign. Although such stimuli, that help strengthen our self-confidence, are usually good and desirable, such a transformative trend can slowly become unhealthy and go beyond all borders, eventually ending in a stubborn self-will and brutal selfishness. It is to be stressed that the developments will proceed in accordance with the respective zodiac sign. This means that the positive as well as the negative aspects of an existing zodiac sign will intensify in this case. When in constant contact with our mirror sign, we create a small, careless world fit for our interests for each other that can be very one-sided and that always moves in the same direction. One can very well imagine which dimensions these processes can amount to and how much these people can motivate and manipulate each other. 

The familiarity of the people of the same sign also has its pitfalls when we observe in which ways it can manipulate us. Manipulation coming from people of your first sign, how we call the same sign, are hard to identify as such, because everything in connection with this person seems familiar and right. Just like we don’t mistrust ourselves, we also don’t mistrust people with the same sign of the zodiac. 

The interaction with these people is connected to the magic of naturalness, one pretty much understands each other without words. But this is exactly what is dangerous. During these encounters, we are gladly willing to drop any caution and to listen to our impulses. This is exactly what a counterpart that wants to manipulate us will use to its advantage. 

In order for you to protect yourself against manipulation when in contact with your own sign, you must learn to control your will. Discipline of the will and self-control form the most important principle which you need to pay attention to when dealing with the people of your first sign. We must avoid this temptation to be busy with ourselves in a naive and easy manner and to enforce our interests and needs in an especially ruthless way. A very egocentric lifestyle can be the result, since one’s own behavior is no longer questioned by alternative lifestyles, but only confirmed by the people of the same sign. If, all of a sudden, you find yourself feeling as if you have no chance anymore to put a stop to negative self-development, you create a certain distance to this person, in order to weaken this development. Why do these processes occur? The reason for this is that two people of the same sign come into resonance with each other. The energy structure that this sign possesses becomes denser and therefore all characteristics of the affected sign are intensified. 

An intensified desire of both people of the same zodiac sign that can be described with the words “simply be yourself” can indeed make sense to a certain degree, but furthermore abruptly lead to a trap of ignorant self-satisfaction. Nobody will understand you quite like a person of the same sign, because you get each other pretty easily in this connection and all mutual flaws, habits and inabilities are very familiar to both. Watch out! Such a person often makes you see what you want to see. This circumstance paves the way for manipulation. The carrier of our sign, by the way, can be manipulated by us to the same extent and maybe you have already done this, without being aware of the mechanisms. 

Sometimes the relationships between people of the same sign develop into a type of competition that can apply to any area of life, both in business as well as in love relationships or friendships. In this case, you should ask yourself whether you really want to get stuck in an ongoing routine; whether consciously or unconsciously, you can feel forced to play games of rivalry and competition. Here a piece of advice would be appropriate: Don’t give in to these provocative games, because it is not about outdoing your mirror sign, but rather about optimally managing everyday life, effectively solving certain tasks and to properly work on your goals. Keep a cool head and don’t let yourself be provoked by every person that wants to push their ego-based rivalry onto you. Rather compete with the people around you instead of your mirror sign.


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