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The Interpretation of PLUTO IN THE 8TH HOUSE in your Yearly Horoscope

This is not the time to stay in a job strictly for financial reasons. This is not the time to spend wildly without any sense of control. 

Financial power struggles are associated with this placement, and if you live alone and are your sole support, the struggle for control could be with yourself. In other situations, the power struggle may occur with your employer. You could feel that your employer is not treating you fairly; salary inequities are possible, or you may be asked to sign an exclusivity contract, limiting your ability to moonlight and earn outside income. If you live with another person, (spouse, lover, or room-mate), monetary struggles between the two of you are possible. Who is or who is not controlling the money, and how it is allocated, become important issues. The two of you may have different ideas about how money should be earned or spent. Sometimes demands are made, or money is with-held. In very negative situations, manipulative games are played in which money is traded for sex-ual favors, and financial blackmail occurs. 

Sexual harassment is a rare yet possible occurrence since the struggle for power can occur in almost any situation. 

You might be harassed by a professor, employer, or fellow employee. It might be very important for you to defend or define your sexuality during the year. Overbearing personalities can confront you or block your progress. Sexual prejudice and sex-role stereotyping rob you of your effectiveness in competitive circumstances and are ultimately just another struggle for power and control. 

Difficulties with insurance companies and insurance claims seem to be associated with this placement. Individuals have reported canceled policies, unpaid claims, disputes over coverage, and general mix-ups. If you have dealings with insur-ance companies during this year, allow extra time to work out conflicts or errors. Don't be afraid to fight for what is rightfully yours, because you can win. 

These struggles all emphasize the importance of financial control rather than the amount of money.

 Struggles can sometimes occur over very small amounts when the principle of the thing is involved. The underlying concept is the need to reassess and control your own monetary situation, especially when other people are involved. Money can be handled more equitably. You must have power over your own financial future, and divid-ing certain expenses in a fair way may be the best answer. In very difficult circumstances, you may have to assume all financial responsibility. To gain any control, one must be aware of psychological in-fluences affecting the financial situation. Spending practices and monetary power plays are more likely to be motivated by unconscious complexes than by logical reasoning. If you are psychologically insightful, your understanding of the issues asso-ciated with this placement will be more complete. 

Psychological information is important generally, and not just in regard to financial and sexual situations. 

The study of astrology, or any other esoteric or occult practice can also be significant. Information and knowledge of a less obvious nature are indicated by this placement. Perception is increased, though others may not be aware of your new insight. You do not have to rely solely on what you are told. For example, you could become adept at reading body language. You grow to know more than you are told and see more than you are meant to see. In positive situations, your newfound skills are used for healing. You are able to correct or modify difficult behavior patterns in yourself and others during the year. In very negative situations, you are faced with intense psychological con-frontations involving guilt, resentment, and manipulative tactics. The issue of control surfaces in the psychological arena and you have to deal with unconsciously motivated actions, someone else's or your own. Association with aberrant personalities might occur at some point during the year, but more likely behaviors will remain within normal limits, though therapeutic intervention might be required. The focus of attention may be internal rather than external if a push for self-knowledge becomes the focus of your new insight. If others are using your own unconscious complexes to control you, you can dismantle the manipulative games through counseling.


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From year to year, the Sun passes through the solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example,

the Sun in the 1st house in this year's solar return will probably move up to the 10th house next year, assuming certain conditions: the individual must remain in the same location and this location should not be too far north or too far south in terms of latitude.


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