URANUS in 5TH House Of Yearly Solar Return chart

This can be a very creative year, especially if you are already involved in an artistic field, but creativity need not be limited to artistic endeavors.


Uranus represents the genius, the innovator, the inventor, and the individualist. This is a time when strong individualism enhances the ability for original thought. You grow to see things differently as the year progresses and it is most likely that you will have to deal with a creative prob-lem or issue in a new way. The more you allow your mind to float free, the greater your ability to think up new ideas. This is a great placement for the free thinker, writer, student researcher, artist, or craftsperson. 

The only difficulty associated with creativity and this Uranus placement is the tendency to go through a short, frustrating period of transition.

 Most likely, there will come a time during the year when blockages occur because the cre-ative style is in such a state of flux. These blockages are not permanent, but serve as a signal that creative shifts are now taking place and there can be a transition to a much higher level of attainment in artistry for those who understand the transformation and go with the new energy fearlessly. Do not be dismayed by this development. Go with the flow and trust that new skills await those who can progress. A prolonged blockage shows a resistance to new forms of expression waiting to be born. Adjustments may take a while, but they are worth the effort. 

Sudden attractions are possible during the year, but not the norm.
 On-again, off-again episodes, either in a new un-bonded relationship or an existing one, are common. The person you are involved with might not be dependable, could live in another area, or might be unable to make a greater commitment at this time. Relationship breaks, for one reason or another, are likely, and in general, the rela-tionship will not run smoothly. You will not settle into the "boy meets high school sweetheart and dates high school sweet-heart exclusively" routine. Who you are attracted to may surprise you. Potential lovers may be very different from those you have responded to in the past. They could be free-spirited individuals, having few restraints. These people are probably representative of your own need for free-dom of self-expression. 

If you are attracted to someone who is very conservative and limiting, perhaps you find it necessary to rage against the limits.
 Fear-of-freedom issues are likely. Either way, whether you pick someone far out or very straight, you tend to draw those who are an extreme of some per-sonality trait you are trying to cope with. Unbonded relationships this year are not only erratic, they also tend to be mis-matched pairings. Even when two very similar people get together, the emphasis will be on forming a unique relationship which in some way breaks relating pat-terns of the past. 

If you have children living at home, they will be more independent, unpre-dictable, disruptive, or unusual during the year. 
This can be a time when they are experiencing great changes in their lives, and these changes can be unsettling. The most common change involves reloca-tion. Either your family moves, or others move away, leaving your child without a best friend. New schools, puberty, and additions to the family are some of the other changes affecting children and their behavior. Any change can put pressure on kids to adjust, and Uranus in the 5th house usually signals a period of adjust-ment. As your children make their way through the transition, you will be less able to predict their responses. For this reason, it may be wise to keep a close watch over their activities, especially if they are young. They may be ready for greater independence, but still in need of your assistance and advice. 

Disruptions can come in the form of behavior problems or minor illnesses. 
If they are stressed, children are less likely to "perform" and more likely to act out, or become sick, (colds, ear infections, and flu are common for young children). Expect schedule changes. Realize that disrup-tions of any kind show a need for more attention from you. Although you may be less patient at these times, understanding and a calm attitude will work more to your advantage. 


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