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How the Aries manipulates your #GEMINI Sign

  The signs of the zodiac begin with Aries.

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This is one of the spring zodiacal signs. Persons born under the sign of Aries are characterized as being determined and purposeful in putting their ideas into practice. They are very good both at expressing themselves and at self-realization. 

They are persons of action – not of long periods of reflection. As the representative of the 1st House, this star sign stands for our encounter with the world and the recognition of the individual "I" in distinction to the collective "you".

Aries and Gemini 

For the Gemini, the Aries is the eleventh sign. Although Geminis have a wide range of interests and often possess a large number of talents, a Gemini lacks the single-mindedness of an Aries. It is very easy for his inner compass to fall out of balance and for him to lose himself in his interests. As the Gemini's eleventh sign, the Aries encounters him as a friend, this resulting in the successful combination of their extremely different dispositions. 

From the Aries, the Gemini learns to concentrate on his goals without becoming distracted. Nevertheless, the risk exists that the Aries will cause the Gemini to pursue interests that are not really his own but only benefit the Aries. Particularly since the Gemini often does not know what he wants, the clear line and goals of the Aries appear all too appealing to him – even though in the beginning he is not clear whether these goals are really his own. 

The Aries can talk the Gemini into believing that he is not good or strong enough or indeed not able to live properly and therefore permanently dependent on the advice of others. By this means, the Gemini gains the impression of not being able to make decisions himself. The Aries sells him this under the premise that it is "all for his own good."


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