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How the Aries manipulates your #Taurus Sign

  The signs of the zodiac begin with Aries.

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This is one of the spring zodiacal signs. Persons born under the sign of Aries are characterized as being determined and purposeful in putting their ideas into practice. They are very good both at expressing themselves and at self-realization. 

They are persons of action – not of long periods of reflection. As the representative of the 1st House, this star sign stands for our encounter with the world and the recognition of the individual "I" in distinction to the collective "you".

Aries and Taurus 

Here a particularly intensive effect is revealed. For the Taurus, the Aries is the 12th sign – he thus embodies a sense of mystery and being clouded in secrecy. The Aries is invariably a step ahead of the Taurus. He knows the weaknesses of the Taurus – approaching life in a rather leisurely manner and being addicted to physical and material pleasures, while the Taurus admires the Aries for his courage and strength of personality. 

The Aries manipulates the Taurus by seducing him into activities, the consequences of which the Taurus is unable to measure. This may include drugs or risky business dealings – and also sexual seduction. From the perspective of the Taurus, something secretive and thus fascinating is inherent in everything. Quite deliberately, the Aries exploits the weaknesses of the Taurus for easy money, a comfortable way of life and all kinds of pleasures. 

The Taurus needs a secure environment and reliable relationships. The Aries seduces him into abandoning them and undergoing risks that can well be to the disadvantage of the Taurus. As the Taurus's 12th sign, the Aries symbolizes the potential loss of self at all levels.


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