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Zodiac Manipulation 10th topic “pursuit of success”: You and persons of your tenth sign

  This involves one of the following associations: 

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Let us now consider the tenth sign in the zodiac. The relationship to persons of your tenth sign is of a completely different nature to those of your ninth sign. We commonly encounter the tenth sign in the person of the superior, the leader or – in general terms – the person who attempts to force his will upon us and dominate us. It is easy to recognise that although such an association also possesses a high manipulative potential, it also contains the opportunity for professional and social advancement for us. Our tenth sign challenges us in the areas of industriousness, ambition, career and self-discipline and will invariably give you the feeling of being vastly superior to you. 

The manipulative capability of your tenth sign is expressed by these persons frequently playing the role of a boss for you. This means that the tenth sign is always trying to order you around and make you dance to his tune. For this reason, this kind of manipulation is not at all difficult to see through. Nevertheless, such an alliance may work well, provided that both partners respond to each other with sufficient understanding. Otherwise, this can cause an extremely tense relationship for both partners. If you get on well with such a partner, then both of you can enjoy successes together in business, because this is an excellent alliance in this regard. Despite the tendency of your tenth sign always wanting to keep a firm hold on the reins, these persons not uncommonly provide you with possibilities of improving your place in society. It happens that these persons readily note and recognise your performance and endeavours. They notice your successes more strongly than those of others. 

Be aware that the tenth sign invariably attempts to impose obligations and responsibilities on you. And this mostly happens in a clear and direct manner. In order to prevent undesirable commands from these persons, you should develop your own principles and opinions, which, in turn, will lead to favourable decisions for you – decisions you will then strongly defend. From time to time, your tenth sign may act arrogantly and unfairly towards you. Prevent such tendencies. 

It would prove beneficial for you have the opportunity to learn and adopt those methods from your tenth sign, which you then use yourself to improve your performance and discipline. Even if these persons appear lazy and ineffective, you can still benefit from them if you pay closer attention. For your tenth sign reveals precisely these secrets in a quite natural way, because it projects the principle of the Tenth House onto you. The ability to make everyday decisions quickly and sensibly on a regular basis is extremely important. In this regard, your tenth sign can enhance your progress by helping you to develop this ability.


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