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Zodiac manipulation 11th topic “friendship”: You and persons of your eleventh sign

 Thereby it is a matter of one of the following connections: 


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We now come to the penultimate sign in the constellations of the zodiac. An intensive and long-lasting friendship is associated with persons of your eleventh sign. Many good friends of yours are probably from this sign. This is perhaps the reason why you show a lot of respect for these persons. This is exactly where the manipulative potential of your eleventh sign lies. These persons often attempt to give the appearance of virtually assuming the role of your patron and protégé. Often, however, they just do it as if they were favourable and beneficial for you. 

Although hopes and desires play a major role in your relationship with these persons, themes such as freedom and shaping a better world are also involved. Persons of your eleventh sign know how to represent themselves as something special. They are frequently trend-setters and are very sociable. This may lead to a condescending attitude towards everybody else – particularly you. In order to soak up the admiration of others, they convey a false appearance.

Beware of possible hypocrisies. Persons of your eleventh sign will give you incentives to think individually and freely and cause you to rethink your original values and views on various themes. As you frequently engage with persons of your eleventh sign with regard to similar interests, these persons attach great hope to you and thus provide you with support. Sometimes, patrons are encountered among your eleventh sign, who are prepared to fund your ideas. You can also realise social projects and visions with persons of your eleventh sign, as you can mostly rely on them. 

It is, however, necessary to distinguish between real and false friends, since your eleventh sign can also provide you with false friends who then attempt to lull you with praise and comfort while pursuing their own goals. When persons of your eleventh sign are too egocentric and self-assured, their positive aspects are transformed into negative ones. It is up to you to recognise this tendency and distance yourself from it. Do not allow yourself to become harnessed to goals dictated to by others! 

Generally, however, positive aspects dominate in the relationship with the eleventh sign. These persons can introduce you into new social circles and clubs, which, in turn, will raise your standing in the social world. Here it is also probable that persons of your eleventh sign are able to predict several future events that will take place in your life. This is because the eleventh sign is also tuned to you from a precognitive perspective – due to the fact you yourself are the third sign for your eleventh sign. The longer you have a close relationship with a person of your eleventh sign, the more likely it will be that that person will tell you some of these predictions. These prophecies, however, are not usually particularly important, not always correct and have to be taken with a grain of salt. Your eleventh sign may also establish contacts for you to good business partners, with whom you will get on with very well – this, in turn, leading to you all being able to effectively represent your common interests together.


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