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Zodiac Manipulation 3rd topic “communication”: You and people of your third sign

  Thereby it is a matter of one of the following connections: 


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 We are moving forward in the circle of the zodiac signs and will have a look at the third sign now. Communication is everything in life. Consciously or unconsciously, we are in constant exchange with our fellow human beings, verbally as well as non-verbally. Through communication, we create our environment: work place, friendships and partnerships.

 People of the third sign have a great manipulative effect on us. They can influence us through our personal environment by controlling communication. It is important to know that there is no such thing as neutral communication. It is always attached to opinions, individual experiences, the cultural and social context and even ideologies. There are true masters of communication that manage to consciously manipulate the opinion of people around them with the help of subtle means in language, gestures and other communication. 

Communication is the level on which we deal with people of the third sign and oftentimes they are better at it. Sometimes they even manage to change our environment to a certain degree by showing us the truth about the attitudes and opinions of the people around us. This can be very positive for us because that way we can realize who is really good for us and who is not. We can better decide with who’s views we agree and recognize if someone is honest to us or is manipulating us through shaping opinions, for example through rumors. But the influence of the third sign goes even further: People of the third sign stimulate you to leave the well-trodden paths of thinking and to get excited about new areas of interest. You are intellectually challenged and grow. Your third sign will also teach you how to effectively develop and to make your intelligence usable, in order to properly use it for the sake of the community. If consciously or not, these people give you certain impulses that help you to bring your own analytical and logical thinking to a new level. These people give you numerous possibilities of all kind that enable you to learn something new and hear about current information in general, so that you can keep yourself up to date. The knowledge that they give you is mostly not only oriented towards your areas of interest, but also those of your environment, which turns out to be very helpful and handy to you, because it contributes to your general knowledge in many ways. And the most important thing that the third sign can teach you is the ability to flexibly and quickly adapt to the constantly changing circumstances in your environment. 

When in contact with the people of our third sign we are not always moving in the same direction like we do often do when in contact with our first sign. Also be warned that these people are able to choose their words and statements very skillfully to their advantage. And again you can learn from them, because you will definitely learn how to use all situations, even complicated ones, in your environment to your advantage from the approach of your third sign. Such friendships have the potential to reach a brotherly level. Such a partnership is also very good for business. Friends and work colleagues of your third sign are often situated in other cities or even abroad. They slowly tend to develop a healthy amount of curiosity and respect towards you. By the way, it is also recommended to take good care of contacts with people of your third sign, because almost no other sign can contribute so much to your mental strength. With no other sign, you can have such a limitlessly informative exchange so quickly. 

The third sign has so many positive things in store for you. But what about manipulation? In connection with the topic communication, it is important to always keep in mind that there is almost no such thing as unconscious influence. Communication always takes place consciously and is therefore an appropriate tool of manipulation. One of the possibilities is to make us change our beliefs and ideologies. All of a sudden, we find arguments that we always used to reject convincing and change our views. 

But how does a person of the third sign of the zodiac after our own manage to manipulate us? Friendships are often successfully developed and the third sign usually reaches out to you for joint activities, spending time and going on trips. It isolates you from other contacts and gives you the feeling of being intellectually superior to your previous friends, so that you are no longer accessible for their views. A person of the third sign can make you question everything that you think you know about yourself through well-placed remarks about other people, your look and your lifestyle. This manipulation can lead to you being tempted to do things that you actually don’t like. And the influence goes even further: The third sign can literally tempt you to run after damaging opinions and ideologies that can acquire characteristics of a cult. The best protection from such manipulation is not to let yourself be isolated. Remain open for communication and the views of others and trust in what old friends and close relatives tell you when you start changing your views and lifestyle under the influence of someone from the third sign.


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