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Zodiac Manipulation 8th topic “crises and power”: You and persons of your eighth sign

 This involves one of the following associations: 


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Always be on your guard when coming into contact with your eighth sign because it has considerable influence on you. Such an alliance features dramatic states of crisis, misfortunes and intensive experiences. Your eighth sign exerts the strongest manipulative force on you. It is not uncommon that you do not immediately sense the powerful aura of such a person on your sign. For this reason, contacts with these persons often prove to be particularly difficult. Every kind of relationship with your eighth sign – whether private, friendly or business – is dangerous because it can result in you suffering a lot of stress and loss in the final outcome. 

Even if persons of your eighth sign mean well with you, they may still unintentionally cause harm to you – and if they do it deliberately, they won't have any problem at all! Although you may not infrequently enjoy the most exciting moments of your life together with persons of your eighth sign, it is, of course, also necessary to take account of the other side of the coin and this means confronting the darkest and most horrible moments and crises that it is possible to experience with such an alliance. 

Contact with the eighth sign involves drastic experiences in life, major gains and losses, sudden recovery and fatal illness, material rise and fall. Such experiences are an essential element of our life and shape us like few other events can. They call everything into question that we think we know about life and ourselves. Each crisis is simultaneously a challenge for us to understand, to check our convictions and behaviour and – when in doubt – adapt. In this regard, the subject of death can be perceived as an inward death of long-standing personality traits. It is precisely these traits that we are confronted by with the eighth sign. We frequently feel utterly attracted by these persons, even though we already suspect that the risk of getting hurt is extremely high. For it is never boring with these persons, even though a lasting relationship with them can prove very demanding. 

A paradox thus arises: when you are together – you feel constrained, when you are alone – you get bored. Extremely intensive experiences are collected in this union, which provide not only dazzling excitement and inspiration but also dramatic disappointments and hatred. In time, such a restless union will lead to a dead-end and your eighth sign will lose interest in you. 

The lesson to be learned from persons of the eighth sign is how to fail properly. Crises affect everybody – the crucial factor is how to deal with them. Although our eighth sign teaches us where our weaknesses and strengths lie, it does it in a painful way. Persons of our eighth sign have the ability to recognise your weaknesses relatively quickly, which also gives them a lot of influence and power over you. You run great risks in arguments and confrontations with your eighth sign, while the chances of a favourable outcome for you are extremely low. Business undertakings with these persons as partners are like a roller-coaster ride – you can win a lot but also lose a lot. Contacts with your eighth sign exert contrasting and alternating effects on you. For example, they can assume a transformational, regenerative or destructive nature – depending on the circumstances. 

It is hardly possible for you to encounter a person of the eighth sign without being influenced or even manipulated by them in one way or another. The best way of handling this is to be aware of these circumstances. Fear is the wrong reaction – you should regard the encounter rather as a possibility of learning something about the most difficult and final things both in life and yourself. It takes courage to face up to your own weaknesses. Persons of the eighth sign have a sure knack of putting their finger on our weak spots and thus challenging us to develop ourselves.


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