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How your financial status be in 2021, according to your Progress Chart

 The Optimism and Opportunity Astrosignature shows the day of the month  where you feel more outgoing and you are likely to socialize and become involved in many different activities. There is also a tendency to feel optimistic and to draw opportunities through encounters with others. 

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The Optimism and Opportunity  shows Day in the Month that are likely to be pleasurable and bring activities into your life that are fun and interesting. 

The progress chart is written by the star to Apply for Individual and for personalized prediction only, it can not Apply for General Reading. to give you example using my own Progress chart , here is the example.

An day with no coloration is not an day that is specifically indicated for increased optimism and opportunity. However, you should also refer to the Business and Career astrosignature, Friendship and Family , and other  because, for example, an day that is indicated as being strong for business is an day where you are likely to be very active and successful, and this success will bring opportunities for socializing and enjoyable activities. 

Similarly, an day  indicated as positive in the Friendship and Family  is a day where you are likely to feel very comfortable and at home, and all areas of your life tend to blossom and develop when you are located in a place where you feel at home. In some ways, the Optimism and Opportunity  is secondary in importance to the Friendship and Family  because most people thrive only in a day where they feel at home. 

The Optimism and Opportunity  is also important because it shows day  where you tend to enjoy activities with other people and to widen your circle of activiites and friends. This does not mean that if The day of the Month that does not have Pick in the Optimism and Opportunity Graph that you are destined to a boring life that does not bring any benefits and pleasures to you. It simply means that the emphasis of this Day of the Month is not as outgoing, social, and expansive as the Day that are tinted yellow or red.

Note also that astrology is not fatalistic. It is up to you to utilize the energies available to you in the best possible way. Astrology can help you better understand what kinds of energies underlie your present situation, and thereby help you to take the right steps to improve your life.

The Optimism and Opportunity AstroSignature shows The day of the month where you are most likely to have an expansive and outgoing lifestyle. There are also qualitative differences to various geographic areas. As we said , astrology is not fatalistic and should never be an excuse for failure or problems in your life. You have the ability and opportunity each day to express the energies available to you in new, creative, positive life-enhancing ways.


How your Love life status be in 2021, according to your Progress Chart

The Love and Romance Astrosignature shows The day of the Month in 2021 where you are more likely to attract love and romance into your life.


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