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The biggest Liar of the Zodiac Sign, ranked

Who are the #zodiac signs who #lie the most? While no sign is completely free of telling the occasional lie, who are the most corrupt. look at this  Zodiac Sign . There are some people that, when they speak, every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie. Sometimes they’re just big liars, and other times they’re more tellers of tall tales. Even their horoscope can't always pinpoint if someone is more likely to tell the truth. There are signs to look for when someone is full of crap. Do they avoid eye contact or give too much eye contact? Do they repeat your questions back to you (giving them time to think up a lie) and do they rarely keep their promises?   who are the biggest liars and are full of crap, ranked 

The most annoying traits associated with our Zodiac sign

 We all have a few annoying traits associated with our #zodiac sign. And usually, it's these very things our friends and partners love most about us. "Understanding where our weaknesses lie helps us develop compassion for ourselves and for others and gives us a direction to work toward in our own personal development," . While each sign might have a few traits others can see as annoying, it's important to keep in mind that we all have habits that will rub others the wrong way, and it's always possible to find a happy balance, and get along better with others. Because while you can't win 'em all, you can certainly strive to have healthier, more balanced relationships. Here are the two most "annoying" traits for each zodiac sign. 1. Aries (March 21 - April 19): Competitive & Impulsive Aries can be a highly competitive sign, which certainly helps them get ahead in life. But if they aren't careful, this tendency can cause others to feel like

Productivity hacks 2021 to consider for your ZODIAC sign

Each zodiac sign struggles with productivity in a different way, so having an arsenal of 2021 productivity hacks for your zodiac sign is key to tuning into your strengths and fulfilling your new year intentions. Here's how each Zodiac sign can ride the waves of cosmic energy like a pro:

The Right timing to meet the the right people to help you on your path


Mercury Entering Gemini, Speed ​​is the magical weapon buried for those days


ASTROLOGY OF 2021: The Right timing to Follow your heart According to Transit of Jupiter Square Chiron

Entering March 30 2021,, Leaving April 14 2021 Next Transit Entering August 8 2021,  Leaving Aug 28 2021 Next Transit Entering November 9 2021,  Leaving Nov 25 2021 (4th House to 5th House) ASTROLOGICAL  TRANSIT  JUPITER SEMISQUARE TRANSITING CHIRON  

The 3 Most Talented Zodiac Signs and What’s the secret to their success?

You know them: those people who are good at anything they try. You hate and admire them in equal parts, while wondering if there’s anything they can’t do.  What’s the secret to their success? It may have to do with astrology. And as much as we’d like to believe that there are some people who are amazing at every single thing they do, in reality, there are most likely a ton of things they really suck at. They just don’t share them.

ZODIAC SEASON OF LOVE 2021: Venus Entering 6th House, Best time to meet new people in life

On March 29 2021,  ASTROLOGICAL TRANSIT,  VENUS ENTERING 6TH HOUSE  TRANSIT KEYWORD: You will enjoy a peaceful daily work environment. You want your relationships with co-workers to be harmonious. You enjoy healthy living and everyday life.  

ZODIAC SEASON LOVE 2021: Venus Entering Aries, Best time for Impulsive buying

On Mar 21 2021, (5th House) TRANSITING VENUS ENTERING ARIES  TRANSIT KEYWORD: You will pursue a partner ardently and hastily, and yet strive for freedom and independence, once you are in an intimate relationship. You like to be the initiator in relationships, and can be aggressive. You may be a spendthrift.  

Mercury in Aries, The Best time for quick decision

TRANSITING MERCURY ENTERING ARIES SIGN TRANSIT KEYWORD: You are an independent thinker. You talk quickly, and like to think up new ideas. You may experience flashes of intuition.

Beauty Tips FOR #ZODIAC Sign

 Beauty is often stated as being in the eye of the beholder. But there is also a connection between beauty and wellness.  And a connection between one’s mind and body is recognized as an important aspect of beauty and skin care. When we are anxious, unhappy, or tired, our skin loses its glow and energy. Our skin mirrors our life.  Here we address some beauty tips For TAURUS Sign You like to stick to a system. You become rather fixed in your habits and you cannot tolerate deviation from your system: first cleanser, then toner, then serum, then moisturizer, then eye cream. Don’t forget neck cream! You could benefit from changing up your routine a bit. You tend to accumulate skin, hair, makeup, and nail tools and buy a lot as you are in love with beauty. If You have Question or other Concern Such as Your Personalized Daily , Monthly or Yearly Personalized Horoscope base on your Birth data Feel Free to contact us. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: P

ZODIAC SEASON 2021: Mercury Entering Pisces, The Season of a Good imagination


ASTROLOGY OF LOVE : Venus Entering 5th House this March 2021

 TRANSITING VENUS ENTERING 5TH HOUSE  (5th House) Mar 6 2021 KEYWORD: You are able to express yourself with creativity and fun, and enjoy the company of children. You may find that you have an urge to express yourself through artistic avenues.  

ASTROLOGY OF MARCH 2021: Mars entering in Gemini, What is new Idea?

 ASTROLOGICAL TRANSIT MARS ENTERING GEMINI  (9th House) March  3 2021 KEYWORD : You like to initiate ideas and spread information. You are assertive, although you can resort to evasive behaviour.  

ASTROLOGY OF MAY 2021: Jupiter Entering Pisces, What it mean to your Spirituality

May 13 2021, Dec 28 2021 KEYWORD: You are on an intuitive search for the truth. You are a champion of the underdog. You could be a spiritual or religious teacher.  

ASTROLOGY OF JULY 2021: Jupiter Entering in the Sign of Aquarius

 TRANSITING JUPITER ENTERING AQUARIUS  (6th House) Jul 28 2021 KEYWORD: You are a seeker of the new and inspirational. You hold racially-inclusive values, and are a humanitarian.  Biggest rewards: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra  Pressure to take risks: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio  Significant opportunities: Sagittarius, Aries

Is your Zodiac Sign one of The Most Powerful Signs find out?

The truth is that each of them, separately, without taking zodiac signs into account, have a certain character. But, according to astrology, there are certain horoscopes that have a more strong and intense character and personality than others. Being powerful means something a little differently to everyone. The majority of people seem to consider themselves “powerful” based on their social influence. Considering the world has over 7.5 billion people in it, that seems like a fair measurement. And among all those people in the world, your zodiac sign's strength is unique to you. But are you a powerful zodiac sign? We can look to astrology for the answers. Whether it’s being powerful socially, emotionally or physically, these five zodiac signs have the potential for power in all three areas. Here's why these are the 5 most powerful zodiac signs in astrology:

What is written by the star? Download this free Horoscope Apps

 Want to know what is Written by the star has to say about your life?  It's about time you explore the wonderful world of ~horoscope readings~. Ahead are some astrology apps that deserve a spot on your home screen.. AstroClock (+Widget). This analogue clock shows you the most important astronomical and astrological information at a glance: -Phases of the moon -The number of days until the next full moon -Sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, rising and setting of the planets and Pluto -Position of celestial bodies in the sky (azimuth, altitude, right ascension, declination) -Position of celestial bodies in the zodiac -Position of celestial bodies in the astrological houses -Ascendant, descendant, midheaven, Imum Coeli -The 5 strongest astrological aspects to the stars - Retrogrades - Timelapse-function Set your own time and turn the hands with your finger! Watch how the celestial bodies move, see how planets retrograde and the phases of the moon change... get it at Amazon 

Daily Luck Horoscope 2021: According to Uranus transit in Astrology

 The Daily Lucky day  Horoscope 2021 base on Jupiter transit is Written by the Star to apply for General trend, and major life theme prediction  for personalized luck horoscope, Contact Us .

Uranus in Taurus 2021: The most important astrological transit of 2021 is about to begin.

 It’s a little (big) something called “Saturn square Uranus,” meaning these two planets are forming a 90-degree angle (a big deal in astrology). TRANSITING SATURN SQUARE TRANSITING URANUS  (9th House to 12th House) Entering Feb 6 2021, Exact Feb 17 2021, Leaving Mar 2 2021, Entering Jun 1 2021, Exact Jun 14 2021, Leaving Jun 26 2021, Entering Dec 15 2021, Exact Dec 24 2021

SCORPIO Horoscope Base on Ruling Planet

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and its ruler is the planet Pluto. 

TAURUS Horoscope Base on Ruling Planet

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it rules the throat.  Its ruling planet is Venus . Taurus individuals may identify with their personal possessions, physical beauty and material wealth.  Their keyword is “I Have” . 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             2021 Planetary Calendar Day Planner: With Astrology Forecasts CONTACT ME:  ZODIACINFO01 @GMAIL.COM    

ASTROCALENDAR: View Your Horoscope in calendar format and notify

May the Star be with your phone,  View Your Horoscope in Calendar Format and receive notification directly from your Google Calendar to stay connected to the Universe   There are 2 type of Calendar, first is for General Trend that is applicable to All Sign , second is for Personalized Transit Horoscope using your own Birth data. For General trend, Download icalendar file and then import to Google Calendar. Contact me,

if #ARIES Married to a Scorpio

 An Adventure  In a marriage, this combination can be challenging. It’s one thing to see each other once or twice a week, when it’s all exciting and passionate and fun. But it’s something else to live with each other on a daily basis.

If #GEMINI Married to a Scorpio

 Guessing Game  Oops. Who did I marry? Now what? This may be how you felt, Gemini , the first day of your marriage to Scorpio.  And Scorpio, that first morning as you woke up, you probably thought, Uh-oh, which twin did I marry? 

If #CANCER Married to a Scorpio

  The Beauty Within    You Cancer and Scorpio are innately private individuals, whose inner worlds are often more real and important to you than the external world.

If #LEO Married to a Scorpio

 Dramatic  Your life, Leo , often unfolds like a Shakespearean drama. Since life is your stage, your flamboyance and innate sense of drama find expression in everything you do.

If #VIRGO Married to a Scorpio

 The Journey Within  Ah, well, here we are, you think as you  Virgo and your Scorpio partner sit across the dinner table from each other. Now what?

if Libra Married to a Scorpio

 Romantic  LIBRA You’re the romantic of the zodiac, the one who really does love those moonlit walks on the beach and candlelit dinners in some secluded spot where intimate conversation flourishes. As a cardinal air sign,

If #SCORPIO Married to a Scorpio

 An Eternal Mystery  This powerhouse combination blows the socks off lesser mortals. But if you made it through dating and are now married, then you are both obviously comfortable with the emotional and sexual intensity and the transformative nature of this relationship.

If #PISCES Married to a Scorpio

  Imagine!   The Pisces and the scorpion : does it sound like an oxymoron? What could you and Scorpio possibly have in common? Quite a bit, actually, as you discovered while you were dating. In fact, Pisces and Scorpio are one of the best love matches. 

If #AQUARIUS Married to a Scorpio

Paradigm Busters Just to be clear from the get-go, there’s no such thing as a typical Aquarian. You already knew that, of course, but are nonetheless delighted to hear it. You’re a true nonconformist, as much a rebel as Sagittarius and often as inscrutable as Scorpio. Aquarius ,

Your Personality keyword Base on Astrology

I am  SUN SIGN ,  but my emotions are rather   MOON SIGN .  I think in a   MERCURY SIGN   way, but express my energy in a  MARS SIGN   way. In love, I seek   VENUS SIGN .  I take on the role of  RISING SIGN . Fill it out! SUN SIGN Aries: an Initiator Taurus: a Guardian Gemini: a Wanderer Cancer: a Psychic Leo: a Warrior Virgo: a Mastermind Libra: a Peacemaker Scorpio: a Detective Sagittarius: an Explorer Capricorn: an Entrepreneur Aquarius: a Visionary Pisces: a Dreamer Your Most Lucky day for this Month of  2021 Accident Proneness:  When this category is highlighted, there is a great deal of instability and impatience. Any group of people that has been feeling angry for sometime could suddenly erupt in violence now. The antidote to hostility now is to quickly and tangibly make real progress in correcting problems that are frustrating people. Decisive, positive action now by world leaders is supported and appreciated at this time..     MOON SIGN Aries: Intense Taurus: Enduring Gemini:

The one change that will make the biggest difference in your career according to Zodiac

Do you want to ask for a promotion? Or pay more attention to a side business? Figuring it all out and setting a few goals is a great place to start, as is taking a peek at your zodiac sign for the best way to improve your career . here's the one change that will make the biggest difference in your career  ---->>> 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             CONTACT ME:  ZODIACINFO01 @GMAIL.COM  

How To write Your own daily Love Horoscope

 There is a lot to be said, little of it good, on the subject of daily horoscopes, the kind you come across in the newspaper or on your favorite astrological website. Horoscopes use the Sun in your chart as a reference point, which is not the worst idea in the world. After all, the Sun is vitally important to life on earth, and symbolically, the Sun in your birth chart is vitally important to a healthy sense of self and purpose. Plus, just about everyone knows his or her sun sign. 

How each zodiac sign dates, this cuffing season 2021

I compiled a handy guide of each sign's romance style so you’ll know right away if the one you have your eyes on is into you or not. and also find the best day for romance activity according Astrosignature Love is in the air. Can you feel it?!

The Zodiac at Home vacation: your perfect staycation idea

Whether you're already planning an international vacation with 30 of your closest friends or just daydreaming about seeing a movie in theaters again, you're not alone. Of course, we can't do either of those things just yet. But please consider  staycation. For best results, we recommend no email, no worrying, no cleaning, and no laundry.  Find out the perfect staycation plans for your zodiac sign:

What is Your most Stand Out trait Among other Zodiac Sign

Is everyone with the same # zodiac sign inherently alike? The answer to that question is tricky. Those with the same zodiac sign have similar attributes, but different execution. This means that while one Taurus might use their stubbornness to further their career, another might use it to fight for their relationship. Through this guide, you can see what characteristics your horoscope picked up from others, and what was in you the whole time. The point of astrology isn’t to let it dictate your life, it’s just there to help you when you get a little stuck.  ---->>>

What each Zodiac sign is the very best at ?

 While each sign will argue that they’re the best, we have to keep it real – every sign is different and they’re all good (and bad) in their own unique ways. So rather than pitting signs against each other,  let’s take a look at what each sign is the very best at.  That way, you know exactly who to turn to in times of need!

How To Find Your Soulmate Using Your Intuition

When you first meet another guy (or girl), you can chat and reason with them all you want, but you don’t truly know them. All you can do is trust your intuition, feel the vibe that you may have with that person, and proceed from there.  Only the heart knows what is really great for you, but the problem these days is that the mind is getting in the way. The mind’s argument can be that you can’t always trust the heart, that’s why you need to listen to your intuition. If you’re confused about what to do, here are some key tips which anyone can use to find “the one” with the power of your intuition. ---->> 2020-2021              SEARCH MORE  your Sign             If You have Question or other Concern Such as Your Personalized Daily , Monthly or Yearly Personalized Horoscope base on your Birth data Feel Free to contact us.  ZODIACINFO01 @GMAIL.COM  

The Love Lesson You Need To Unlearn according to your Zodiac Sign

your future may hold all sorts of things nothing and no one could have ever predicted. Yet, from embracing imperfection to letting someone take care of you for a change,   the lessons --->> of unlearning are short but sage, and really hit home. ARIES  (MARCH 21–APRIL 19) ALTHOUGH IT'S TIED TO ENTHUSIASM, ARIES NEEDS TO UNLEARN IMPATIENCE, AS IT CAN SNUFF OUT EVEN THE MOST ENTHUSIASTIC AROUND YOU. TAURUS  (APRIL 20–MAY 20) THE DIFFERENT FACETS OF STUBBORNNESS YOU EXHIBIT. LOYALTY AND DETERMINATION ARE ADORABLE, BUT THE LOVE LESSON TO TO UNLEARN INVOLVES NO LONGER HOLDING A GRUDGE. Unlock your future,  2021 MONTHLY ASTROLOGICAL REVIEW CHOOSE YOUR ZODIAC SIGN ARIES         -   TAURUS    -   GEMINI   CANCER    -       LEO        -    VIRGO   LIBRA        -   SCORPIO   -    SAG   CAP            -      AQUA      -   PISCES GEMINI  (MAY 21–JUNE 20) WHILE IT'S FLATTERING FOR WHATEVER NEWS YOU SPREAD LIKE A FIRE, YOU HAVE TO UNLEARN TO LISTEN TO AND SPREAD GOSSIP. C