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Saturn Transit in 4th house, and What it mean to your Love ones


March  3 2021,  Next transit  November 28 2021

KEYWORD: Now is the time to make sure that the foundations of your life are on firm ground. This could be literally renovating your house, or more metaphorically, spending time with your family and loved ones. Either way you benefit from reflecting on your personal life with a view to building firmer foundations for the future.

 Home may be bliss or it may be dreadful, but it is something most of us can at least take for granted. When Saturn is transiting your fourth house, though, you don’t necessarily have that luxury. You will probably have a roof over your head, but you will have to struggle and sacrifice and work fairly hard to carve out a place that feels like home to you. 

You may well move to a new place during this transit. Yet the fourth house experience is not confined to the actual house that you live in or the people related to you by blood; it’s also about feeling at home on the planet and in your own skin. 

Wherever Saturn is transiting in 4th house , you’re asked to examine the container you’ve built for some part of your life, to figure out whether you have outgrown it or need to make it stronger. 
  • What is your definition of home? 
  • What does that container look like? 
  • Who are the people you would like to share it with? 
  • What is the foundation that your life is built on, and how does it strengthen or undermine you?

 Examining your connection to your family is key to this transit. You may find that your family grows smaller during this transit, through relocation or divorce, or as grown children leave the nest.


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