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Uranus in Taurus 2021: The most important astrological transit of 2021 is about to begin.

 It’s a little (big) something called “Saturn square Uranus,” meaning these two planets are forming a 90-degree angle (a big deal in astrology).


(9th House to 12th House)

Entering Feb 6 2021, Exact Feb 17 2021, Leaving Mar 2 2021, Entering Jun 1 2021, Exact Jun 14 2021, Leaving Jun 26 2021, Entering Dec 15 2021, Exact Dec 24 2021

This can be a time of great tension. You experience less of the tension if you have built your life on a firm foundation with a healthy balance between responsibility and the need for freedom and change. However, if you have allowed your life to become stuck in tired, rigid routines, this period can be very upsetting. Any area of your life that has become stuck in a rut is open to challenge and you will find it best to face the challenge of changing old patterns and embrace new and exciting plans.

This transit occurs three  times in 2021: February 17, June 14, and December 24. Think of February 17 as the first chapter in the “story” of these squares—the effects will continue All. Year. Long. Keep your eyes and ears open!

To get an idea of what to expect, we have to go back in time about 20 years. From 1999 to 2001, Saturn (in Taurus) and Uranus (in Aquarius) squared off. This time around, Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Taurus.

On a global level, Back in 1999 to 2001, the internet started changing the way we connect with the world as well as how we do business and make money.

Fast-forward to 2021. As the first square occurs, we’ll begin to see more of a reliance on the internet to help us make money and investment, but the way we connect will have to be regulated.

On an individual level, this will be a time of great change and personal growth, which we may not be ready for. You might find yourself feeling rebellious, pushing against the status quo (just don’t be surprised if it pushes back). This tension is needed as we break free from everything that’s been holding us back. You got this!

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