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The Interpretation of URANUS IN THE 8TH HOUSE in your Yearly Horoscope

The issues of sexual freedom or sexual preference, (homosexuality, bisexuality or heterosexuality), may be important either to you or someone you are close to. During the year, you may experiment with new techniques or change old practices which you no longer enjoy or benefit from. In the age of AIDS and herpes, many with this placement have begun practicing safe sex or curbing their appetites. A very negative manifestation might be a disrupted sex life, one in which encounters are on. again, off-again, brief exchanges, or twisted experiences that are not meant to be fulfilling.  Deaths are not likely to occur during the year, but if one does, it will be unexpected, and the manner of death will involve unusual circumstances.  This is a very rare possibility. Your insight on the psychic and/or psycho-logical level may increase dramatically. You are better able to perceive the motivations and manipulations of others, especially in financial and sexual situations. Often these perceptions

Venus in 4th house of yearly Solar return Chart

Venus by itself in the 4th house of Solar Return usually indicates simple redecorating. Many planets in the 4th (especially when Pluto, Uranus and/or Saturn are among them) can show major renovations (and a greater tendency toward strong emotional change).  If you have outer planets in the 4th with Venus, you may have the urge to redo the whole house, knock down walls or build on additions. Remodeling of this nature is more extensive and tends to take most of the year.  During this time you may experience a period of discomfort and physical upheaval as you wait for the renovations to be completed.  👉 Beach Lot Property sale in Antulang Beach Resort, Dumaguete, Negros Philippines There is a reason why the quality of the home life becomes so important.  This year can be a time of recovery and healing. Venus in the 4th is often seen in the charts of those who have experienced difficulties in the previous year or years, and who are now focusing their energy on healing old wounds. These i