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👉 CANCER year Ahead of 2022, Including including the luckiest — and the most romantic

You have a very happy year ahead. For the first time in 12 years, fortunate Jupiter will be in Pisces, a water sign that blends perfectly with yours. 

The very best moment for your career comes on the Aries new moon on March 31, in your tenth house of career progress and prestige. Jupiter will also be "trine" the Sun—a heavenly aspect, one of the best possible you could hope for—boosting your health, optimism, and romantic allure. 

Venus will enter your sign on July 17 to remain until August 11. This is the time to socialize, buy new clothes, and focus on your appearance. After you have some new things, step out— you will be dripping with charm, and few will be able to resist you. You have quite a year in store!


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