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PLUTO in the 10th house of Career and Social Status In Transit Horoscope

Transiting Pluto moving through the tenth house of your chart tells us two things: 

The profession you once had is fundamentally changing.

You can't get it back, because it is, at a very real level, gone. That's not to say you won't be able to support yourself, but it does tell us that even if you got your old job back, it wouldn't be the same, and it wouldn't offer security. 

The other thing it tells us is that you no longer feel happy about taking orders from anybody else. You must feel in control of your destiny, and of your career path; if you fail to take control, you will likely find yourself, over and over, in workplace situations that are toxic. 

Pluto must be expressed—if not as empowerment, it will be expressed as powerlessness. Where Pluto transits, there is no room for dishonest or self-serving behavior. If you are trying to keep secrets from the world, Pluto in the most public house of the chart will usually expose them.


It is during this Solar return year that some are given a destiny choice. 

They may continue in their current pattern of growth and behavior, or they may make a leap in consciousness. There is a fork in the road and a decision to be made. You will not pass this way again. The opportunity is now and the only thing standing in the way is fear. 👉 Read more...


  • Traditional name: House of Career and Social Status 
  • Terrain: reputation, career, calling, ambitions, one parent, mentor, bosses and authority figures 
  • Shares common ground with: the sign of Capricorn; the planet Saturn 

The tenth house, according to traditional astrologers, was the House of Career and Social Status. Reputation is an interesting thing; it's the inherited part of the tenth house, the part that is yours by virtue of being born into a family, with a particular name, gender, race, nationality, and religion. It is heritage made visible. If you aren't careful, your heritage becomes your entire future instead of simply guiding you to it. Make conscious decisions about how you 

will be seen by the world. How are you like the family you were born into and the people who shared your early years, and how are you different? Do you want to live the life that's expected for you? Some people do; they love it, they're happy, and that's wonderful. You may have something very different in mind. The tenth house symbolizes the world's expectations for you, but the challenge is to claim it as your own and to create your own tenth house destiny. 

If you can glimpse the mountain's summit, then you can reach it, even if you started in the depths of the valley below, and even if no one else thinks you are equal to the task. Planets transiting the tenth house aim to see you get to the top of your personal mountain. Sometimes these transits bring people and situations designed to assist and inspire you. And sometimes they help by letting you see what's standing in your way—even if it's you. 

SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house 

From year to year, the Sun passes through the Solar return chart in a clockwise direction, falling into every third house for those people who remain in the same location. For example..

1st HOUSE     |   2nd HOUSE 


3rd HOUSE  |  4th HOUSE 


5th HOUSE  |  6th HOUSE 


7th HOUSE  |  8th HOUSE 


9th HOUSE    |  10th HOUSE 


11th HOUSE  |  12th HOUSE

 For Much More Accurate and personalize,

Your Personal Astrosignature Chart

Let use my Own Birth data as an example to See my Progression of my Past, present and future. 
The Calculation is base on my yearly Solar return chart

The Advantage of this chart reading is You can validate the Accuracy of the forecast by analysing the previous year. 

very often Year that are strong in "Athletic Performance" are also strong in "Business Success", or "Drive, ambition, work", or "Good Luck, Optimism". All 4 of these categories have something in common:..

Here are my Personal Astrosignature chart for Business Success 2021 to 2025
You can see the time line of Astrological below the line of the graph

NOTE this chart is Using my Own Birth data


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