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NEPTUNE in 4th House of Home and Family In Transit Horoscope

Every kid who ever visits the beach—a good number of adults, too—immediately builds a sand castle.  Most of them also walk down to the waterline and trace their names in the wave-slicked sand. They stand and watch while the waves wash ashore, erasing their names and demolishing their castles. If the person is very young, he might cry about it. 

MERCURY in 3rd house of your yearly Solar return chart

Mercury in the 3rd does not guarantee that the information you gather will be correct. There may be inconsistencies between what you are told and what you intuitively feel. It will be your task to assess what is truth and what is fiction.  Mercury in the 3rd house of Solar return, can suggest that the rational thinking processes are stronger than feelings.  This is most likely to be so if the Moon is not particularly strong by house, sign, or aspect, and the chart is not watery.

MOON in 3rd House of your Yearly Solar Return Chart

  The key to working with this placement is understanding the need for conscious and unconscious appreciation, integration, and consensus.  This is not the time to depend totally on either conscious thoughts or feelings. It is the integration of the two levels of understanding which is most informative. Emotions will be the basis of learning, but once feelings have reached the surface, it is most insightful to understand them within the context of the total experience, both rational and emotional. For example, if you attend group therapy sessions during the year, you will focus on the psychological meaning of what is being said rather than the actual physical details. However, once the emotions have risen to the surface repeatedly, patterns of response will be intellectually understood. The combination of an emotional planet in a rational house can also indicate that you get mixed messages.  You may not be exactly sure when you are thinking and when you are responding from the gut leve

MERCURY In 1st house of your yearly Solar Return chart

 This may not be a good time to understand others. You might have blind spots which make you unyielding and uninformed. You may stubbornly insist that you are right without reviewing the information. This can be a time of great conviction or great stupidity. Intellectual development is possible during this time,  but generally, the individual prefers to be self-taught rather than return to school. More than likely, the emphasis is on testing and using already acquired intellectual abilities rather than focusing on further development. This is a time to put into action what you already know. Mercury in the 1st can be very good for reading, writing, studying, or any task that requires single-mindedness to complete. Even so, sometimes there are two major tasks being worked on.  Your mind is very active and very quick, perhaps even impulsive.  You may choose to hammer out your ideas during conversations. Be aware that you will tend to be very opinionated and perhaps even dogmatic during th

JUPITER in 2nd House of your yearly Solar Return Chart

 Sometimes you must spend money to make more money.  If you wish to expand your business or your number of clients, you might buy extra advertising time or space. If you are selling your home for a profit, you might make improvements which will maximize the return on your investment.  The emphasis is on money-making ideas, and during this year it can be fairly easy to make more money. The tendency is to be in the right place at the right time, but unfortunately, you may have to spend money to attain this position. If there are aspects from Jupiter into the 8th house, you may overspend your income and incur a large debt. The bills can reach a significant level for those who have a history of financial problems. If this becomes your situation, the push to increase your income will be even stronger. Regardless of your line of work, the inner quality of fulfillment is stressed this year. You will not do just anything for money.  Principles are important, and unless 2nd house planets are st