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The SUN in 4th House in SOLAR RETURN CHART interpretation

The Sun in the 4th house Solar return chart indicates that the individual is looking for a physical, emotional, and spiritual home:  The one place in the Universe that becomes a special niche on all levels. This house is the root or support system for the rest of the solar return chart. 

The color of your AURA Based On Zodiac Sign

. Each # zodiac sign has its own powers and this is manifested in the energies they emit. The aura color is associated with the 7 colors of our #Chakras. Get an aura photograph immediately and here’s how you can interpret the color according to your zodiac sign: Color is vibration, the basic energy form underlying all of creation. Color is an essential ingredient in our daily environment. Not only does it communicate emotion and create a mood, but also it has the power to affect our energy levels. In this way, seeing a color and experiencing a color are virtually inseparable, because much of what is seen is also felt. People react to colors, because they evoke personal emotions and experiences.  What are your lucky astro colors?  click the link below for more info TABLE OF CONTENT ARIES:  REDS (ALL SHADES)  TAURUS:  SPRING GREEN, PINK  GEMINI:  YELLOW, MULTICOLOR  CANCER:  SILVER, MAUVE, GRAY  LEO:  GOLD, ORANGE  VIRGO:  TAN, SAGE  LIBRA:  LIGHT BLUE, ROYAL BLUE, WHITE  SCOR

The pattern of longevity - Which zodiac signs live the longest and least

Astrologers claim that the arrangement of stars  on the day of birth of the individual determines the pattern of longevity. According to them, the starry firmament must take into account not only the date of birth, but in the future lays in the human gene, the number of age, making the code of its longevity, and for each person and a sign of the zodiac it is the individual. Representatives of the zodiac sign will live the most!? This writes the online “Today”.