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Taurus & Scorpio as Friends/Colleagues Compatibility

 Kindred Souls 


With certain people you meet, something clicks immediately. You recognize a kindred spirit. That's probably how it was with you and Scorpio. It's as if this immediate camaraderie originates in some deep inner place that you both inhabit much of the time. Even though you two are considered astrological opposites, this combination works well in most relation-ships and usually feels comfortable if you're colleagues or friends. 

Women of both signs are more inclined to talk about their feelings and personal lives. But both men and women internalize their emotions, constantly sifting through them in an attempt to understand them. However, once you and Scorpio trust each other—as colleagues or friends—the flow of communication picks up, and you begin to discover and enjoy what you have in common. 

This relationship can easily evolve into a business partnership, particularly if you work in the arts or entertainment business. 


Remember the adage about still waters runing deep? It fits both of you. And because you are essentially private individuals with vibrant inner lives, there are certain areas you should avoid with each other in order to keep the relationship flowing smoothly. 

Taurus Taboos That Scorpio Should Avoid 

Scorpio, don't push Taurus for answers he isn't willing to provide. When he's ready to tell you how he feels or what he thinks about something, he'll do so. 

Unsolicited opinions about how he could improve his work 

Never take him or the friendship for granted. 

  • r Avoid confrontations with him. Even though he is slow to anger, once his buttons are pushed, he blows up. It's called the bull's rush! 
  • Scorpio Taboos That Taurus Should Avoid 
  • r Don 't encroach on Scorpio's privacy. You're unlikely to do this because you value your privacy as well, but be forewarned. 
  • r Don 't take her for granted. 
  • r Don't criticize, condemn or complain, especially about the quality of her work. 

What to Expect 

As a pair of fixed signs, your respective expectations in this relationship are probably similar and may change and evolve over time. But here are the broad strokes on what you can expect from each other: 

From Taurus 

  • F. Great conversations about the mysterious, the unknown, about things that go bump in the night. You, Scorpio, will delight in this part of your friendship. You're both com-fortable in this terrain. 
  • Hard worker, ethical 
  • Loyalty and patience 
  • Compassion. Taurus is the person you turn to, Scorpio, when you're feeling low or en-counter daunting obstacles. 
  • Pragmatism and insight into who you are 

From Scorpio .
- Loyalty and patience .- Hard worker, ethical 
. A friend who listens carefully and intuitively analyzes everything you say 
. A quest for the bottom line in whatever she tackles. In some ways, you and Scorpio are on the same page with this bottom-line 
stuff, Taurus. But your bottom line is how to make something useful, practical and more efficient. 
Unlocking the Secret to Scorpio 
Your patience and persistence are the keys to unlocking the secret to Scorpio. The friendship possesses such a strong balance that it won't take you long to fully grasp who your friend/colleague is. 


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