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TAURUS DAILY Horoscope, HorosQuote 2022

TAURUS  -  July 6 2022

What’s beautiful in your eyes, ‘tis what you follow. Don’t listen to the advice that when you feel good don’t choose. This is the message of your destiny. 

Lucky color lilac. 

TAURUS Special alert for the whole month of July :  Add this to your Google Calendar so you can't miss the Special Astrological Alert 

 July 9  2022(Mercury conjunct Black Moon): Be extra careful about how you communicate. Your words can easily be twisted and manipulated to harm you or others. 

 July 13 2022 (Full Moon in Capricorn): The Moon doesn't feel good being in Capricorn and we might all have to deal with her moodiness. You will experience Karma with family (especially mothers), real estate, your home, 
or female bosses. 


TAURUS  -  July 5 2022

- Unshakable dreams are the key to your success. Whatever trial you face, the advice is never to change the dream. 

Lucky blue. Lotto Tips-10-15-16-18-24-39.

TAURUS July 4 2022

- Heaven will stick you to people who can help you - those who can benefit you and are ready to support you until you fulfill your dream. 

Lucky green. Lotto Tips-7-10-13-20-23-34.



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