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The SUN in 11TH House of yearly Solar Return Chart

  The  11th house  of the solar return chart is the house of "Why not?"  and those with the Sun in this placement question everything.  While the 10th house is the house of laws and traditions 

SOLAR RETURN CHART : The SUN in 12th House

  SOLAR RETURN CHART BASIC : from first house to 12 house  1ST  - || -  2ND  -||-  3RD  -||-  4TH  -||-  5TH  -||-   6TH  -||-  7TH  -||-  8TH  - -||-  9TH  -||-  10TH  -||-  11TH  -||-  12TH  -||- This is a good time to organize and assimilate information you have collected.  Reflection, introspection, and even withdrawal can help you to personalize information in a meaningful way. 

CHIRON IN NORTH NODE: The right time to discover and express your special gifts

Zodiac Compatibility/synastry On A Deeper Level

“Compatibility is really far more complicated than this question, because our cosmic blueprint tells such a bigger story," . "We are more than our # SunSign , we really must consider our ascendant and moon signs as well.” “We can look at first glance for sun sign compatibility/synastry,"  "However, taking a deeper look at a couples birth chart, this can shed a lot of light on compatibility "The synastry between two people will help you honor and respect each other’s personality and needs. Overall, astrology is a tool that can coach you to achieve relationship success." (Synastry = "the art of relationship astrology, .) The following matches are typically pretty compatible, according to the Synastry chart 

Saturn Transit in 4th house, and What it mean to your Love ones

 TRANSITING SATURN ENTERING 4TH HOUSE (4th House) March  3 2021,  Next transit  November 28 2021 KEYWORD : Now is the time to make sure that the foundations of your life are on firm ground. This could be literally renovating your house, or more metaphorically, spending time with your family and loved ones. Either way you benefit from reflecting on your personal life with a view to building firmer foundations for the future.

Saturn Sextile Chiron Transit, The right timing to share your talent

ASTROLOGICAL  TRANSIT SATURN SEXTILE TRANSITING CHIRON  Opportunities abound for you to discover your true gifts and to find avenues of expression. If you are already aware of your gifts then you can now move forward in the knowledge that the timing is right for you to share your talents with the world. Others will respect your right to follow your true path.  This is a joyful time when you have just the right blend of wisdom and understanding and introspection and action. 

Will you be more successful in 2021 than in previous years?

 Lets Find the Answer Using Astrological Progression.  One danger in using This Astrological Progression is, ironically, that it may work too well! Some people have found the forecast to be accurate and consequently they rely very strongly on the Astrological Progression prediction base of your Birth Data This Horoscope is Written by the star to Apply for individual forecast only (not for General trend) using my own Birth data as example of Case study in Astrological Progression. 

The houses and Planets which play an important role for Television / Film Industry Job

 Not everyone wants to be an engineer or a  doctor and today students are willing to try  something new for their career. They are looking for  a career that is not only lucrative but has a great  future. The entertainment industry is too big with a  lot of opportunities and is growing rapidly. The houses and Planets which play an  important role for this lucrative career are as under:  

Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod The Sun

It is time to seek a better balance in your life. You have been through a few emotional challenges in the past few years. Now you are ready to shine. Hopefully you have overcome the obstacles, come to terms with past mistakes and are ready to move forward. Some schools of thought would say that this is a time when yin and yang are balanced in all areas of your life. As a result you feel as though you can accomplish many of your life goals. You can express yourself freely and honestly, finding a balance between being assertive and accommodating.

Love Horoscope 2022 : According to Venus transit in Astrology

 When Venus transits , her representatives—people, especially women; money; art or other beautiful things—show you delights that you didn’t even know you wanted. Not all gifts are good for us, however delicious they may be. But that does not detract from the pleasure they give us. This Daily love Horoscope is Written by the star to apply for general trend and major life theme prediction (update daily). for personalize, contact   Contact Us . TRANSITING VENUS ENTERING VIRGO (10th House) Sep 5 2022 You will seek meaningful relationships with a practical basis. You will want your partner to be precise, neat and punctual. You may expect perfection. You will enjoy having detailed analytical conversations. TRANSITING VENUS ENTERING LIBRA (10th House) Sep 29 2022 You have a strong need for relationships. You will also require your relationships to be harmonious, peaceful, and creative. You enjoy having beautiful possessions. TRANSITING VENUS ENTERING SCORPIO (12th House) Oct 23 2022 You have

For Today August 20 - 2022 Daily HorosQuote, Horoscope

TRANSITING SATURN CONJUNCTION RADIX SATURN  (4th House) In Orb Aug 20 2022, Already Aug 20 2022 This transit is known in astrology as the "Saturn Return" and occurs approximately every 29 years. The planet Saturn has done a full cycle of your chart and returned to its natal position. The first Saturn return, at approximately 29-years-old,  is one of the most important times of your life. You are leaving behind childhood and reviewing your life through new, more mature eyes.  During this time your past comes under close scrutiny. You are being forced, whether you like it or not, to face life with a new maturity.   ALSO NOTE:  When using these interpretations, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. 

Daily HorosQuote, Horoscope for Today Aug 18 2022

TRANSITING MOON ENTERING 8TH HOUSE (8th House) Aug 18 2022 You have a need to understand the cycles of life. You are sensitive to the emotional undercurrents in many situations and will want to explore this further. You will also find comfort through other people's resources - monetary and emotional. ALSO NOTE:  When using these interpretations, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. 

How To Use The Solar Return 7th House Of Marriage To Find Your Love life this year

The Seventh House in Astrology  is known as the House of Partnership and Marriage You can see how you are designed for lasting love by looking. at which zodiac sign and what planet is in your seventh house via your natal chart  solar return chart  of your birthday.  You may or may not have a planet in your seventh house,  but everyone is born with the seventh house in their natal chart. Also, your seventh house might not be in the sign of Libra.

The Lucky Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony For each ZODIAC SIGN

Colors carry energy, and certain colors can bring out something in you that makes you truly shine. They can enhance confidence, calm restless energy, empower strength, and so much more.  Keep reading to see --->>  which color that promote love, romance and social harmony for each SIGN ARIES Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony –   green, jade green

General Midpoint Mercury / Venus to Midheaven Interpretation

Mercury / Venus This point indicates your intellect and sense of beauty. In other words, it is how you combine feeling and thoughts of love. The sign placement gives more information on your expression of light heartedness, cheerfulness and your sense of artistic beauty and grace. Mercury / Mars This point indicates thought power. In other words, it is how you activate thoughts and plans. The sign placement gives more information on your manner of speaking, speed of judgement, practical disposition and general dexterity.

General Midpoint MOON/SUN to Pluto Interpretation

 Moon / Sun This is your point of identity awareness. Look to the characteristics of the sign to discover how to describe your combination of spirit and soul or vitality and feeling. Moon / Mercury This point indicates your emotional intelligence and how your thoughts are affected by feelings. You make a good communicator or writer but might also be a gossip. The sign placement gives more information on your style of thoughtfulness and mental activity.

Type of dream is what Sigmund Freud calls "wish fulfillment dreams"

  Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day,   for Example, This type of dream is what the psychologist Sigmund Freud calls  "wish fulfillment dreams"   in which, because your conscious self desires so much for something that you want to have and want to happen, your unconscious self fulfills it voluntarily and it actually comes true, that's all, your "wish" or "something you really want to achieve" come true and come true while you are sleeping through the dream. But the climax  of the question is like this, in real life or in reality, not in a dream Also Note the meaning and interpretation of the House may vary depend on the scenario of Dream You have a boyfriend in your dream, but in real life you are still single

The Secret of your DREAM About House

   Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day,   for Example you Dream About "HOUSE",   Every part of the house has a role to play in our dream, for example the roof is also the “psychic or inner self” including the “spiritual self”, so if the roof of your house is perforated, it means you have a lot of spiritual that lack in your life at present. Also Note the meaning and interpretation of the House may vary depend on the scenario of Dream Here are For Example, Dream about ''OLD HOUSE'' during the Spanish era “your dream like old Spanish-era house” comes from what psychologist Carl Jung calls “archetypal motifs”. The "archetypal motif" , This "collective unconscious" is also called the "universal unconscious" Read more. . Full story and Dream Case Study

The Secret Meaning of DREAM about HAIR

  Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day, So for Example you Dream About  HAIR,  it is a symbol of your "sexual prowess and unique strength of your libido or Sexual  energy". Here are more info about HAIR in your Dream which is relevant to your future in the Next Few Day   I dreamed that I cut my HAIR but I didn't get the cut I wanted. Instead, it got longer. when in a dream "hair grows on your head, it means that you will become more intelligent and wise as you get older." This also means that in the following days, the ideas and decisions you will make will be right and effective. Read more .. Full Story and Case Study

The Secret Meaning of your DREAM about JESUS CHRIST

  Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day, So for Example you Dream About Lord JESUS, Here are the secret meaning  DREAM About, My three children and I are eating bread together Meanwhile, from a religious point of view, because the bread was also used as a  "symbol of Jesus"  in particular at the Last Supper, when the bread was broken by him, that's why the dream bread also represents "holiness." Read more...  Full story with Dream Case Study

Your Future According to your Dream

 Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day. And  Sometime the best advice that you will receive is from within you, maybe From your Natal chart or from your Dream.  SEARCH THE MEANING OF YOUR DREAM Search By Tag From A to Z  -   ⭐   A-to-Z-of-dream   angel   anima-animus   annoyed   ant   artist   ass   baby   BadSpirit   bathing   blood   book   bowl   bubble gum   buffalo   building   butterfly   candle   car   cat   cellphone   centipede   chased   cheating   child   climbing   clock   coin   cooking   crush   crying   dead   digging   dog   dragon   dress   driving   egg   elephant   ExBoyfriend   fairy   farm   feet   FellDown   fire   fish   floating   flood   flower   flying   fork   fruit   gold   grapes   guava   gun   hand   harvest   horse   house   insect   interrelated   jesus   JesusChrist   jewel   key   light   lost   lottery   market   mirror   money   monkey   moon   mountain   naked   necklaces   OldMan   OOBE   orange   palace   papay

Special Astrological alert for the whole month of AUGUST 2022

Astrology can help you discover pretty much anything you can imagine, including  how to find  Your most luckiest day for This Month 2022 • Aug 4 2022 (Mercury enters its sign of exaltation): This means good news for work, getting things done, editing and healing. Order is back!  • Aug 8 2022 (Double happiness 8/8): This is called the Lion Gate when Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) rises after being hidden by the Sun for 70 days. A very powerful day: do something special to celebrate the Dog Star. For Much More Accurate Personalize Just Fill up the Form Below Loading… May the Star Be With your Phone  Add this to your Google Calendar to Stay Notify   • Aug 9 2022 (Venus opposite Pluto): Be extra careful with expenses and finance. Relationships could be difficult today.  • Aug 11 2022 (Venus enters Leo): The goddess of love is getting the royal treatment. Great for creativity and all forms of partnership. That being said, partners and significant others might demand a lot of atten