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General Midpoint MOON/SUN to Pluto Interpretation

 Moon / Sun

This is your point of identity awareness. Look to the characteristics of the sign to discover how to describe your combination of spirit and soul or vitality and feeling.

Moon / Mercury

This point indicates your emotional intelligence and how your thoughts are affected by feelings. You make a good communicator or writer but might also be a gossip. The sign placement gives more information on your style of thoughtfulness and mental activity.

Moon / Venus

This point represents love feelings for others as well as how you love yourself. Look to the sign placement for style of affection, artistic tendencies and how you express your joy for living.

Moon / Mars

This point represents excitement and impulsive feelings where you feel urges to take action. Look to the sign placement for how you express energy or fighting spirit and release inner tensions.

Moon / Jupiter

This point is where your beliefs and feelings are combined. It shows the kindness of your heart and how you express happiness. The sign placement gives more information on your style of benevolence and generosity, as well as a background on your faith and beliefs. It can indicate travelling.

Moon / Saturn

This point represents your self-control and sense of duty. The sign placement indicates the style in which you might feel restricted, inhibited or control your feelings.

Moon / Uranus

This point represents emotional tension and restlessness. This is where your inner instinct is self-willed and independent. The sign placement indicates the style in which you express erratic or eccentric feelings.

Moon / Neptune

This is the point where you are psychic sensitive and can pick up on other people’s feelings. The sign placement indicates the style of your visions and imaginations and how you can get inspired through your subconscious.

Moon / Pluto

This is the point where you express extremes of emotion and feeling. Look to the sign placement for more information on how you experience emotional outbursts and impulsive actions.

Moon / North Node

This point represents how you link soul-to-soul with others. The sign placement gives more information about your emotional attitude in your associations, also what stimulates you and what you feel drawn towards.

Moon / Ascendant

This is the point that represents how you behave and relate to other people. Look to the sign placement for more information on your adaptability, attitude and general mood towards others.


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