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The Secret of your DREAM About House

   Your Dream often announce what future hold to your for the next few day, 

 for Example you Dream About "HOUSE",  Every part of the house has a role to play in our dream, for example the roof is also the “psychic or inner self” including the “spiritual self”, so if the roof of your house is perforated, it means you have a lot of spiritual that lack in your life at present.

Also Note the meaning and interpretation of the House may vary depend on the scenario of Dream

Here are For Example,

Dream about ''OLD HOUSE'' during the Spanish era

  • “your dream like old Spanish-era house” comes from what psychologist Carl Jung calls “archetypal motifs”. The "archetypal motif" , This "collective unconscious" is also called the "universal unconscious" Read more.. Full story and Dream Case Study

  • In the modern or psychological interpretation, the house in your dream is yourself. The current state of your personality. So if the house you dreamed about is beautiful, it means that your outlook in life is also good at the moment Read more ... 

  • The new dream house as you dreamed is a sign of a new beginning, new ideas and new plans and wants to do in your current life, but because it is still lacking and many more broken or incomplete, it is not you are still uncertain or you are still confused as to whether or not your current plans and plans will really happen. Read more...

  • In the old-fashioned or traditional Meaning the dream of house signifies tranquility, peace of mind and harmony. Read More... 


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Also Note the meaning and interpretation of the House may vary depend on the scenario of Dream


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